Monday, November 3, 2014

"Nothing is imminent" at Sunnyside Railyard

From the Sunnyside Post:

The revelation last week that Amtrak is considering developing the Sunnyside Yards caught most people by surprise—including Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

Last Thursday, Amtrak’s Chairman Anthony Coscia spoke at a real estate conference and then told reporters that he had been in talks with the de Blasio and Cuomo administrations about developing the Sunnyside Yards, Capital New York reported.

“I think we are all concerned [about these statements],” Van Bramer said over the weekend. “I am also very concerned that any conversation would have taken place without the involvement of me or the community.”

However, he said, no one knows exactly what has been discussed at this time. “I have requested a meeting with Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen [who was involved in the Amtrak discussions] and others in senior positions in the administration.”

A spokesman for the mayor told Capital New York that building on the yards could fit in to the city’s ambitious affordable housing plan—which calls for construction of 80,000 affordable units over the next decade—but cautioned nothing is imminent.


Anonymous said...

Building over the yards isn't cheap. Send NJtransit and amtrak to east of Jamaica, send LIRR somewhere in jersey. Then half or more of the yard isn't needed and can more cheaply be developed or turned into a park and the region gets a better transit system.

Anonymous said...

Now Jimmy is hiding behind the community not being informed.


No one informs Western Queens of anything, particularly Jimmy - except when you call his office and drop a stone down the bottomless pit that is his voicemail, his message does tirelessly tell you he is the majority leader on city council.

Don't worry Jimmy. There is a pecking order in life and sooner or later when its time the Big Boys will call you for your role in this.

Getting a dose of your own medicine.

Anonymous said...


...because if there's anything Queens needs more of - its housing without corresponding private employment growth...

Anonymous said...

..because if there's anything Queens needs more of - its housing without corresponding private employment growth.

Get that man a drink!

Anonymous said...

We all know what "affordable" means. It's either only affordable to a bunch of foreign millionaires as investment properties or designated for the waves of foreign illegals our current president and mayor keep letting in. This used to be a beautiful city but now its turned into a cesspool of undesirables who could care less unless they're getting their pockets filled or welfare checks. And that's exactly why I moved out three years ago. I'm now living in the midwest, one of the few places in this country where I can live in peace among my own people. I miss NY sometimes, but leaving has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Anonymous said...

"I'm now living in the midwest"
Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Queens anymore.

Anonymous said...

How can development have priority over improving (very) aging infrastructure? NY will never be the same with the push to destroy and make a profit.

Anonymous said...

Back door politics Van Bramer is getting a sharp stick up his butt too close to his Sunnyside abode. That is what Jimmy gets for his back room dealings with developers.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy should be used to the back door.