Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cranes still unsafe

From the Daily News:

The city failed to make a host of safety changes it was supposed to implement after two deadly crane collapses, a scathing audit by the city controller’s office found.

The Department of Buildings shelled out $5.8 million to private consultants for a report that made 65 recommendations and to help implement the changes after the two 2008 accidents in Manhattan that killed a total of nine people.

Yet more than four years after the report was issued, only eight of the 65 recommendations had been fully put into place, the audit by Controller Scott Stringer found.

“When those cranes collapsed, so too did public confidence in how those construction sites were managed. The lack of a strong government commitment to fix this problem is inexcusable,” Stringer said.

Of the 65 recommendations, 17 were partially implemented and 18 were in progress, the audit found. But the biggest chunk, 22 or 34%, went nowhere.


Anonymous said...

DoB/City spent close to $6Mil to study... what? That their personnel dropped the ball? and now those same personnel drop the ball again? Duh.

Anonymous said...

Wow - $5.8 Millions for a mere 65 suggestions? Sounds like something that could have been brainstormed in one afternoon.

Who blew whom to get that absurd contract?

ron s said...

Is there a surprise somewhere in this story?