Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Won't someone please gentrify Rego Park?

From DNA Info:

As a number of buildings with “Manhattan-style” amenities have started to pop up between decades-old red brick apartment buildings in recent years, the dearth of eateries and nightlife in the area is coming into focus.

“I feel like Rego Park ... is the kind of neighborhood that is more suitable for people who are just starting off a family or people who are in their mid 50s or who are senior citizens,” said Steven Feldman, 24, a student at Hofstra University, who lives in Rego Park.

He said that when he and his friends want to go out, they usually head to Astoria, Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Feldman said that among the venues he would like to see in the neighborhood, are lounges and pubs similar to Forest Hills Station House, as well as a bowling alley.

But he said he worried that new spots could face opposition from older members of the community, because, "the kinds of people that make up the neighborhood don’t like us," he said referring to younger residents.

Yes, that's because the arrival of these establishments usually means the people already living in these neighborhoods are going to be priced out shortly. And then you have the typical community board yahoos pining for that to happen...

Frank Gulluscio, district manager of CB6, which covers Rego Park and Forest Hills, said the area, especially along 63rd Drive, is “a prime location for some of the things that [younger residents] might be looking for.”

“It could be Martha’s Bakery, it could be a cupcake store, it could be an upscale wine and cheese place,” he said. “Somebody has to start it, like they did in Williamsburg and Red Hook.”

Yes, I'm sure Rego Park wants to become the next Williamsburg. Here's some news: Williamsburg doesn't even want to be Williamsburg anymore.

But some residents worried that the neighborhood is developing too quickly.

The influx of new residents, she said, may for example lead to more overcrowding at local schools.

“A bigger concern for me is about what that means for our infrastructure,” said Yvonne Shortt, a local activist and the founder of the Rego Park Green Alliance.



Anonymous said...

A cupcake store ? Gentrification? Nonsense!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea: Young people, keep on heading to Astoria, Manhattan or Brooklyn for your lounges and clubs, ok? That works well for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't want to move to Rego Park because they can not speak Russian.

Anonymous said...

You didn't buy the house/coop. When your rental is over, just move to the neighborhood that has the lifestyle you want.

Another thing to blame on income inequality.

Anonymous said...

A cupcake store, an upscale wine and cheese store" dont forget craft beer only bars, organic artisan bread. All Rego Park has to do is copy astoria

Anonymous said...

unless you're single, rego park has crappy schools. which is why i left. almost had a heart attack when i found out i was zoned for PS 220

Not Black Don't Shoot said...

I believe I speak for everyone when I say

Fuck the hipsters

Anonymous said...

Why can't all you liberal kids just move back to the state Where you are originally from? There's no more regular people left in NYC and that is sad.....

Anonymous said...

PS 220 is scary, I was fortunate enough to get my son out of there and into a better school.