Thursday, October 2, 2014

White Castle closes regional office

From DNA Info:

The regional office for burger chain White Castle is going to the great Crave Case in the sky — as it is up for sale after decades in the neighborhood, according to a listing and the company.

The eatery's flag and sign have been taken down from the building at 69-01 34th Ave., which is being sold by DY Realty.

Changing times have rendered the large office space, near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, obsolete since most employees work remotely, according to Jamie Richardson, vice president of shareholder relations.

"Our managers and leaders have everything they need on an iPad," he said.

Staffers who work at the office will now be based out of New Jersey. It was not clear how many people worked at the building.


Anonymous said...

So that's where that odor of grilled onions was coming from!

Anonymous said...

and the White Castle on Metro was just closed. Im sure a hipster-condo is incoming.

Anonymous said...

I went to White Castle and I got thrown out.

Anonymous said...

More jobs lost !

JQ said...

Anonymous said...

I went to White Castle and I got thrown out

funny,I thought it was the beasties

these guys didn't though

the sliders used to be bigger