Sunday, October 5, 2014

Viv protecting jailed illegal aliens

From Capital New York:

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito announced legislation that would further reduce the city's cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The measure was announced on Thursday and has the support of council members Danny Dromm, Rafael Espinal, and immigration committee chair Carlos Menchaca.

The bill would prohibit the city from honoring civil immigration detainers unless a warrant has been issued by a federal judge. It would also force ICE officers out of Rikers Island and would stop Department of Correction officers from being able to assist federal officials with enforcement efforts such as raids.

If passed, it would mean the New York Police Department and D.O.C. would no longer honor detainer requests issued by ICE unless a federal judge had issued a warrant for the individual.


Anonymous said...

Serious question: aren't police sworn to uphold federal law, and if so, how does this legislation have any teeth?

georgetheatheist said...

You stupid anti-American bitch.

Anonymous said...

Why do these lib pols want to destroy this city? When the feds hold back $$$, maybe they will act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect - Latinos will NEVER criticize another Latino - no matter what they do! And they get super pissed if you in any way imply that Latinos should learn English or that Corona is a ghetto! And they're now in the process of turning College Point into one.

They're the people that created those ghettos - they were nice neighborhoods once! And they ghettoize themselves by not learning English!

Latinos all glorify their homelands with their bullshit loyalty and flags but you'd never catch one moving back! It's enough to turn a critical, thinking Liberal into a rah rah American!

Anonymous said...

The threat of cervical cancer didn't even shake this Socialist pig's beliefs. God was telling you something Melissa. You should listen to him.

Anonymous said...

They contribute much needed tax revenue and labor capital...why wouldnt she be defending them?

Anonymous said...

This is clearly city council and your elected representatives not doing the things that you elected them to do.

Sure this stinks.

What is even worse is when losers say they 'hope' that things will turn out ok. They will not, and if that is the best you can do you deserve the crap they throw at you.

You have to act up, in their face, in their hack media, and every opportunity you get.

ONLY THEN will this stop.

Anonymous said...

As a council member, she refused to rise for the pledge of allegiance.

Anonymous said...

"What do you expect - Latinos will NEVER criticize another Latino - no matter what they do!"

Two years ago a friend in the Bronx had her car stolen from her driveway. In the car was her purse and wallet with credit cards, cash, etc.

Two days later a Latino was caught trying to use her ATM card and her car was in the bank parking lot. He was an illegal from Honduras with previous arrests for fare jumping and assault.

The judge, a Latina, released him on his own recognizance and blamed my friend for leaving her bag in her car in her driveway while she ran inside to get her cell phone. Said it was too much of a temptation for the poor thief.

The ADA shrugged his shoulders.

The perpetrator never showed up for his hearing and is probably still out there stealing cars and assaulting the citizes of NYC.

Anonymous said...

It takes a particular level of legislative distaste to provoke georgetheatheist to stoop to direct name-calling.

Middle Villager said...

Can't wait to hear our Council members give their reasoning when they vote for this. Just remember next election who put NYC further into the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Do city politicians have the power to obstruct Federal Law? Maybe someone should send in the Feds to investigate and squash this law. Sounds mighty Un-American to me. Why doesn't the Council Speaker go back to Puerto Rico and run things there? She can be with her people. She certainly doesn't represent Americans and average New Yorkers.

Anonymous said...

"The measure was announced on Thursday and has the support of council members Danny Dromm, Rafael Espinal, and immigration committee chair Carlos Menchaca."

Of course they support it, they see this as job security....

Anonymous said...

"Latinos will NEVER criticize another Latino - no matter what they do"

True, even when they rob, rape and kill somebody !!
These people and the La Raza underground supporting pols like "Viv" are friggan crazy and truly believe America belongs to them, they can do whatever they want NO AMERICAN LAWS APPLY TO THEM. They say "America was stolen from them" and everything that we have worked for and built needs to be taken back.
This teaching is a staple in Mexico and Central Amerika.
I think once up in numbers with amnesty and protections they will be coming through the windows to "take back"
---Big trouble coming when some "poor innocent kid" ends up shot !!! Its only a matter of time before some incident leads to massive protest riot's and citys burning.
The politicians and president KNOW IT however they have armed guards, cops protecting there homes and family's so they dont give a shit.
People need to stock up on some vintage legal hunting rifles and ammo. In the end, its better judged by 12 then carried by 6 !!

Not Black Don't Shoot said...

Plenty of legal citizens who have been wrongly imprisoned could use some help yet our own representatives choose to help illegals.

Anonymous said...

go get those votes!!!

Anonymous said...

Latinos all glorify their homelands with their bullshit loyalty and flags but you'd never catch one moving back!


Sure they do. Once they take every penny they can, and get on the dole for SS and Medicaid, they hop the first flight back to the DR or wherever else.

They "cash out" here and then go spend their american dollars outside the country.

I've been the the DR, and not just the resorts. They come to places like NY and send home a cut of a paycheck every week. That money goes to house builders, who, check by check, build relatively nice homes out in the countryside or in the suburbs of the major cities. One their house is complete, they pack up and go home, to live in a US-dollar paid house and living like kings (relatively) where their SSI checks go a long way.

On a drive through the campo, you see many houses that have been under long-term construction, sometimes for decades. They literally add a door or a window one at a time as they get each check.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Clint Eastwood's role in Rawhide?
"Head 'em up and move 'em out" ...back to their own countries!

Anonymous said...

She is the one pushing for NYC ID cards for undocumented individuals. Next step is to allow illegal immigrants to vote in NYC elections. Obviously she is securing votes for the next mayoral race.

Anonymous said...

No one votes,they're too busy to find the time . Too busy keeping up the kartrashians and the real housewives of Newark. This city is fvcked!

JQ said...

cynical pandering reap what you sow.

what needs to be done is to speed up the naturalization process.Despite all the suspicions,justified as half of them are,I think that a lot of these immigrants cross over illegally is because they don't have the patience to sit and wait with thousands of others.