Monday, October 6, 2014

Police Academy opening delayed due to contractor mistake

From the Daily News:

A state-of-the-art polyurethane floor recently installed in the soon-to-be opened $750 million NYPD training ground in College Point has already began to warp and buckle and will need to be torn out and replaced — possibly delaying the facility’s opening, police officials confirmed Friday.

“There was a defect problem with the new gym floor,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis said.

The NYPD alerted the city’s Department of Design and Construction about the defect.

The agency will rectify the problem with the contractor, Davis said, referring all questions about the scope of the damage and repair costs and timelines to the DDC. The DDC did not return a call for comment Friday night.


Anonymous said...

The whole building is sinking into the swampy land.
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Great location! If the traffic and transportation infrastructure weren't bad enough now, imagine what it'll be like when that disaster in the making opens up!!!! Thank you, Mayor Bloomtard!!! What a wonderful legacy for College Point.

Anonymous said...

That's if it ever opens up. It's probably not gonna open till 2016. The people that are doing the work probably screw up on purpose to milk the city of time and money. We have to give it to the city of not managing the people that get hired for this crap.

JQ said...

bratton should deploy a few precinct load of cops there to make sure this gets built faster.shake down those contractors down with the same fervor they harass minorities in park slope and sunset park.

if the city can use our cops to act like escorts for all those douche nation leaders and dignitaries during un summits here,they can at least make sure the school training their future "brothers" and "sisters" will be there for them.

Anonymous said...

Polyurethane is crap as a flooring material.

Anonymous said...

prediction: the building will sink and be tilted like many of the others in that swamp land.

Anonymous said...

The City Council should hold a special hearing, subpoena Bloomberg and Kelly and grill them before the cameras. Mike B. was a lousy administrator contrary to the myth his people put out. This, and City Time.Wizard of Oz...curtain.