Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ebola? No problem!

From NBC:

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's "very confident" the city's hospital system could handle an Ebola outbreak.

De Blasio touts the public health system in the nation's biggest city, the ability of its first responders and its ties to the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

De Blasio said Monday his city has a "much more aggressive and coherent game plan" than other U.S. cities to fight a potential Ebola case. He says anyone who suspects he or she has Ebola should call 911 or rush to the nearest emergency room.

HA HA HA! NYC emergency rooms couldn't even handle swine flu a few years back.


Anonymous said...

NYC hospitals are a joke. Here's an idea, why can't we just stop harboring illegals and stop welcoming these third worlders into this country with open arms?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that neatly 15 hospitals have been shuttered over the past 20 years. Does he think the walk in Urgent Care storefronts could handle a catastrophe such as Ebola?

Anonymous said...

Bring back Ellis Island and test everyone coming into the country!

Send them back if positive! At least catch the people coming in via the 3 area airports.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Ellis island wouldn't work. Only legal immigrants would stop there. There's too many people crossing and entering illegally. They are the ones who have the diseases.

Anonymous said...

NYC Health Dept needs to work with CDC and PA and get screening at airports PRONTO.

Anonymous said...

No hospital in the world can handle Ebola. It takes an incredible amount of incompetence and scientific ignorance to claim what this mayor just claimed. There are no vaccinations and no Ebola complete treatments. If you get it, you die!

Anonymous said...

Ebola when it comes to New York City, either as a scare or as the real deal, will overwhelm all its health care resources.

It will be a bigger emergency than Sandy ever was and its effects will certainly persist longer.

Anonymous said...

call:schumer/gillibrand, 1-202224-3121 (dc)
" Rep(local 1-202-225-3121

theU.S.State Dept must immediately stop issueing visas to all persons trying to leave the W.Africa area enroute to the U.S.A.. until the epidemic is in control at the source.that means u. s officials checking passports at all of the airport hubs outside of the U.S.A.


recently it appears that missionaries and health workers (expert at contagious disease control) are being infected ? why ?USA,SPAIN,NORWAY etc.

I called the pols. do it today.

JQ said...

there is way too much unjustified hype surrounding this disease.scientists confirmed and the cdc commissioner announced that the chances of this spreading is nil,since its not an airborne disease.

the news networks,yet again,are behaving irresponsibly and exploiting peoples fears to get ratings.the only outbreak going on here can be traced to the host monkeys that run 24 hour cable news,national and local news stations.

ignore the culture of fear.

Anonymous said...

Dogruns, catfights, ebolademic

Anonymous said...


when nations bordering, the three w.african nations infected with 7,000 and 3000 dead, have banned possible infected from entering , why are the so-called annointed ones in the U.S.A.still opening our borders to calamity ?

when an epidemic infected our families years ago ,we were quarantined. eg POLIO,MEASLES,Scarlet Fever etc.

the U.S. health officials and State Dept.must quarantine these contagious nations , while a vaccine or burning out occurs.

exposed health workers from Spain-Norway and USA do not know how they were infected. officials are conning citizens at this time.

Anonymous said...

btw, the message line for the WHITE HOUSE :1-202-456-1414