Thursday, October 9, 2014

DeBlasio park announcement a headscratcher

Much to-do was done about Mayor DeBlasio's announcement that parks in low income neighborhoods would be rebuilt. But here's the list of Queens parks that the money is going toward:

Astoria Heights Playground
Bowne Playground
Corona Mac Park / Simeone Louis Park
Grassmere Playground
Rockaway Community Park/Conch Playground
Van Alst Playground

I wouldn't exactly consider Astoria and Flushing to be "low income" and it's hard to believe that Jamaica has no playgrounds in need of an overhaul. The biggest laugh is that he expects private conservancies to voluntarily hand over money they've raised to fix up other parks.


Anonymous said...

People in Flushing made noise and Queens Crap published our complaints and shamed the Parks Dept - over and over and over!

That's how Bowne Park made it on list.

Oh yea - and maybe they're embarrassed that they pissed away $500K on an underused bocce court!

Joe Moretti said...

WHAT THE FUCK. Astoria and Long Island City on the list, but no mention of Jamaica. First off the parks in that area need work, especially Major Mark Park, which has become a garbage dump and a homeless shelter. Rufus King Park and Baisly Pond need work as well. As for playgrounds, first, the area could use more playgrounds considering the size of the community and yes, the ones existing certainly can use an upgrade.

I mean how the hell does LIC and Astoria count as low income areas. Even if you count Queensbridge, that is a small percentage of overall LIC.

What bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Astoria Heights is yet another example of the out-sized influence that Marie Provo-Rambo has that completely dominates NW Queens with her concerns while the rest of the community is told to move if they have a problem.

This has to stop.

Queens Crapper said...

Sorry to break it to you, but it's Bowne Playground in downtown Flushing that's getting the makeover, not Bowne Park in North Flushing.

Anonymous said...

My reaction: press-puffery.