Friday, October 10, 2014

Crazy gang member was let out to run around with weapons

From DNA Info:

A convicted killer who was out on bail following a gun charge in July was arrested again with a cache of weapons, ammunition and fake IDs, according to police.

Raymond Morillo, 34, was picked up after police officers saw him near a van with New Jersey plates parked on 108th Street near Horace Harding Expressway the day on Sept. 28, according to the district attorney's office.

Police saw Morillo — who did 14 years in prison for murder — driving the same van in July, but he denied owning it when he was asked about it on Sept. 28, according to the criminal complaint.

After getting a search warrant, officers returned and found a loaded revolver, a loaded 9mm pistol and more than 20 rounds of ammunition in a safe inside the van, police said.

Officers also found a wallet with New York and Texas drivers licenses with Morillo's name and photo, as well as a Social Security card and identification card with a different name, but a photo that matched Morillo, according to police.

He was arrested for multiple weapons charges and criminal possession of stolen property. He was held without bail.

It's just the latest run in for Morillo, who a police source said was a member of the La Familia gang and a threat to the community.

This is the second time this happened!


Anonymous said...

Well that's what happens when you allow millions of illegals into this country and allow them to do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

Why do Americans have to support this guy in prison? Can't he be deported?

Is he even an illegal - the article is vague - I guess it's not PC to report immigration status.

Not Black Don't Shoot said...

How soon before Fernando Mateo comes out defending this guy?

Anonymous said...

and what wonderful 3rd world shithole did this guy crawl out from?

Captain Renault said...

Merde! Le Hooligan!

Capitan Renault is tired of having to do the same thing twice!

Reunir a los sospechosos de siempre!

If your Spanish is a little rusty...


JQ said...

too bad charlane's aide is still going steady,this guy could make a decent woman out of her yet.