Saturday, October 4, 2014

A new approach to preventing homelessness

From NBC:

Mayor de Blasio's administration is rolling out some new plans that it hopes will reduce the number of families sleeping in the homeless shelter system. Melissa Russo reports.


Anonymous said...

This is a positive development. Living in NYC is a human right!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet anything Ms Jones pays to have her nails done every week. Maybe she could sell her jewelry too if things are that bad.

Joe Moretti said...

This city has done a horrible job on so many levels in dealing with this problem and like the individual said, "going to a homeless shelter should not even be an option". But yet we see it time and time again, people from other cities and states coming to NYC and plopping right into a shelter or individuals not prepared at all.

The young woman in the video with the 8 year old girl did not wait till she was in a shelter, she sought out help before that took place, unfortunately too many are not doing that and just using homeless shelters as a way of life.

I would rather pay more in taxes to provide for these types of services as opposed to paying for damn shelters in my community.

There are many to blame for this fiasco, but the biggest culprits has been the decades of jobs going over seas, the billions of money going to other countries, money wasted on useless wars, corporations pulling the government strings and income equality.

We have bred this type of environment.

Anonymous said...

Leave Gilbert Taylor alone!! He's the bomb. great guy. Love ya Teach. Smooch, smooch. You're doing God's work, don't listen to the haters. I might like you a lot more if stopped eviction for the white folks, too.

Because homelessness starts in NYC housing court-how about you get hefty fines on those slumlords and work on permanent rent abatement's? Just sayin' Teach.

Can you do something about the former bank robber who is fronting for Citywide Task Force on Housing Court in Queens County L & T court? The one in the wheelchair who does side work for the bum slumlords? You know the guy I'm talking about. He got paralyzed during a botched bank robbery. Time to put that two faced SOB out to pasture.

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a positive development. Living in NYC is a human right!

No it is not a not a human right to live in NYC, it is an option.

But the one commenter makes a very good point, why are not all these slumlords, who have been getting away with murder for decades have such places taken over by the city and used as housing for rent abatement.

georgetheatheist said...

How is state legislation proceding on this issue? Where in the legislative process in Albany is the bill to effectuate the Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Act?

Anonymous said...

I bet she drives a car newer then mine with free insurance, "Iphone" with wireless data and home internet service as well. Seems these un-married single moms are being rewarded for bad behavior first. Meanwile the Vietnam vet or schmuck who worked for the Coast Guard or Grumman all his life, paying taxes gets the subway tunnel and garbage scraps.
To hell with him, especially if he's white guy right ?
How about the f_ing mayor quit screaming "come and get it" and inviting all these yahoos and illegal mega breeding mountain parasites. All good for nothing sec 8 lifers not literate in any language.

Anonymous said...

"Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Act"
The liberals will never let you round all the usual suspects up to enforce it. You will need to spike all the water & cerveza with birth control. End all the "free stuff" for pregnant with anchor baby nonsense

Anonymous said...

Anon No. *:

It's not just the Liberals. Can you think of one Conservative legislator in this state who would sponsor such legislation, much less vote for it? And if it passed, would the incumbent Governor OR his challenger sign such legislation? And would it survive a court challenge?

It's nice to visit Fantasy Island, but after a while you have to get on the plane and come home.