Thursday, July 3, 2014

Media portrays Asians as the new Archie Bunkers

From NBC 4:

A group of residents in a Queens community is protesting a homeless shelter being set up in the area, fearful it will bring an increase in crime and a decrease in property value.

At a rally in Elmhurst Monday night, hundreds of neighbors complained that they were never consulted about the shelter being built at the former Pan Am Hotel.

"I believe there are a lot more neighborhoods they can find shelters for," said resident John Quinto. "This neighborhood is up-and-coming."

Elmhurst is a diverse, middle-class neighborhood with large Hispanic and Asian populations. Many of the protesters Monday carried signs in Asian languages.

In the middle of the protest, a few of the homeless families staying at the shelter showed up to give their own message to the residents who don't want them there.

"We ain't leaving, we ain't leaving," they yelled from across the street, provoking loud boos from the protesters in response.

And there you have it. It's not a temporary shelter because they ain't leaving.

The other news media outlets unfortunately chose to focus on a protestor's sign that mentioned "hobos" but failed to explain that the residents of this shelter have exhibited some very hobo-like behavior like walking around in their pajamas, causing problems at area stores, trespassing on residents' property and other fun stuff. Most media also failed to mention that the shelter dwellers dragged their kids down to the rally to tell the protestors to "go back to China". Yes, it makes a lot of sense to tell the people who are funding your freebies to leave the country. And that's not racist or anything.

There are cultural differences, yes. But the fact of the matter is that there is a very small percentage of Asians who are homeless, and they don't understand how healthy able-bodied people are walking around in the middle of the day in their pajamas while they are generally at work more than 12 hours a day. Most of the country used to feel this way, but then the 1960s happened when tossing one's pride aside and living on the government dole became an acceptable way of life.

And before someone starts the typical, "any one of you can be homeless" and "high rents are forcing people into the streets", we know this is not true. People gentrified out of expensive neighborhoods move to less expensive neighborhoods. They don't go to homeless shelters. And if you maintain good relationships with your family and friends, you will never end up out on the street no matter how bad things get. 25% of the people in shelters come from out of state. And the rest made a litany of really bad choices for a prolonged period of their lives.

Religious organizations used to house the homeless. But then the government decided that they could make a business out of it that would profit their pals, so we have groups like Samaritan Village - which is run by former commissioners for the City - getting all the dough. Yet no one cares to report on this giant tweeding scam. An Asian with a politically incorrect sign is much better clickbait.

To its credit, the Times Ledger had the best coverage of what went on inside the meeting and actually mentioned what the residents of the shelter do in their ample spare time.


Anonymous said...

What happened to new hotel/pension I thought was a good idea and looked just like the ones I stayed in Europe?

Mike Francesa said...

Set up an adopt a homeless family program for those who support this homeless shelter. There will be exactly zero volunteers.

Anonymous said...

How do you protest with signs not written in English? That shit just pisses me off! We live in America, speak English!

Queens Crapper said...

Because you know that multiple Chinese language media outlets will be covering it. This was smart, not disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

The Asians have something to protect, and you have to understand their anger. People who should be out looking for work and for homes should not have dragged their children down to the Elks Club to scream "make me chicken wings" at protestors.

The takers get more sympathy from the givers these days and it's quite sad what happened to the principle of self determination in this nation.

georgetheatheist said...

"The Gorgeous Mosaic" - former NYC Mayor David Dinkins.

Doncha luv it? the Yellow race in contention with the Blacks and Browns. Whitey barely visible.

Joe Moretti said...

At least the Asians are standing up for what is right in their community. They do not want another homeless shelter (and especially one as large as this)dumped again in their community, especially the way this sneaking situation was handled.

Certain communities have had to carry this burden, while other do not, so kudos for them for being so organized and coming out in full force. More than would happen in my community of Jamaica.

And as feeling sorry for the other side, as one who has seen many shelters dumped in my community, I have seen what happens in those areas. Noise, loitering, bad behavior, litter and worse when management allows a what-ever attitude with some of these places. Then property values go down more because who wants to live near one of these places.

Sorry, until people learn to behave like civilized people and have respect for their community, then these shelter and the people who occupy them will be shunned. They are problematic and their needs to be major oversight and proper management, otherwise these become just another shit hole place for people to act out.

Why don't the powers to be who want these places so bad, put them in their own back yard. de Blasio, executives of Samaritan Village, etc. instead of dumping them in already overcrowded areas that are somewhat problematic to begin with. Fix the damn system first before dumping shit like this in communities.

So learn manners and respect. And it is not like you wake up one day and are homeless, that is bullshit. It is a long process that gets you to that point.

georgetheatheist said...

And where's the Asian Hercules, John Liu, on this issue? He shows up at and supports all the Al Sharpton rallies.

Anonymous said...

Glendale, Elmhurst and coming soon to your neighborhood in Queens the new dumping ground for the city's homeless and their criminal element.

These people must be kept out of the trendy areas so the real estate princes, restaurants, bars, retail and coffee emporiums will flourish.

Jo said...

Asians or homeless people...the readers must be confused on whose side to take

Anonymous said...

Crappy, in about 20 - 50 years, when more Asians gain political positions in the state, a stop is going to be put to a lot of this social welfare nonsense. And when the rabble rousers try their old slippery rhetoric to convince them that the poor are "owed" something because of the "inherent inequality" in the system, they're going to reply to the effect of, "My father came here 30 years ago with the shirt on his back and we owned our own store by the time I was in middle school. You people have been here for over 150 years and you're still walking around with your pants down to your ankles. We owe you WHAT?"

Anonymous said...

Are there any homeowners out there who want a homeless shelter in their community or on the next block. Of course not! As Americans we have the right to protect our homes and families. Good for them, shame on the media.

Anonymous said...

I love how the Honest Joe's organization goes nuts when one of their favored interest groups are slighted: gays, immigrants, the needy ones who benefit from welfare state programs run by machine insiders.

Of course Honest Joe can move HIS family to lily white upscale Virginia, and Honest Joe and his boys can casually hollow out communities for development or displace entire blocks, but, then, again, boys will by boys, eh?

Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley should be called "Traitor Joe"

Anonymous said...

Doncha luv it? the Yellow race in contention with the Blacks and Browns. Whitey barely visible.

Whitey has been marginalized. If whitey says anything, or has an opinion, whitey is a racist for not agreeing with the demands of others.

Anonymous said...

To me, it seems as though it's a habit of the media and pols to attack anyone who is successful. You may not like the houses they build, but Asians do not feed off the public dole and are generally self-sufficient. Therefore, they must be excoriated. This happened with white folks already. It has to do with not procreating during the teen years, knowing the father of your children, graduating from high school, attending college, not doing drugs, etc. Why this is so hard for some cultures but not for others?

Queen to Queens Level 3 said...

According to a recent study by the Center for Economic Opportunity, Asians have now surpassed Hispanics as the city's poorest group (What, you mean the lazy, shiftless Blacks aren't the poorest? Hey that doesn't fit the Fox News stereotype!).

Well, I guess all that hard work at the $8 an hour (or illegal less)our Asian "success story" store owners are paying their brethren is really paying off! Nothing to worry about. In 5 or 10 years they'll all be millionaires.

Btw, a few months back a Times piece reported on how increasing numbers of people who work full-time are clocking out at the end of the day to return to a homeless shelter.

Yes, the fact that les than 1/10th of 1% of the American population is now gobbling up virtually all of the wealth created by our common effort is nothing to worry about, just sheer economics, not a question of the political power of unchecked wealth. Just work harder and longer at whatever they offer you America!

Queens Crapper said...

So how is it that the city's poorest group doesn't make up the majority of residents at a homeless shelter - in Elmhurst, no less?

Anonymous said...

That DNA Info article was's not hard to understand why people in a quiet residential neighborhood don't want 200+ rooms of homeless people living down the street.

Worse, to look at one kid's offensive sign and to try and paint an entire neighborhood of hardworking people around it says a lot about how sensationalistic such reporting has become.

Queens Crapper said...

The Queens Tribune's front cover, story and editorial are actually worse. More on this later.

Anonymous said...

I love how the real story--DHS and "Samaritan VIllage" basically side-stepping any accountability in the process of moving in to Pan Am--is buried for all this other protest stuff.

These people (Samaritan Village) have been prowling around Queens for months looking to do just what they did here. Where Glendalers wouldn't have it, people from Elmhurst were given the short-shaft that basically says, "we moved in, deal w/ it."

One look at that guy Apple's quote says it all..."We're not here looking to cause problems." Is that so?

Anonymous said...

"Glendalers wouldn't have it ..."

Oh, I'm afraid Glendalers are going to get it too. This just in:

Anonymous said...

this Asian group could be some of the 7000 legal immigrants permitted in the U.S.A. per year ,according to the law.

they have the right to protest "out of control progressive government".

if they are many of the illegals coming thru Cuba and the U.S. /Mexican border, then they are hipocrits.

the border signs informing the U.A.C. is in three languages ,including Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the city scoops up Parkway hospital and turns that into a homeless shelter. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst up and coming?

Elmhurst has done gone and left.

Anonymous said...

I like how the politicians are MIA on this one as it features two tweeder groups, the poor and Asians.

Now they will remain in the background until they can find someone in the protesters that will sell their community down the river (and the machine will find someone, money will give you a magical power like that.)

The the politicians will emerge from the woodwork being hailed as heroes able to figure out how people can 'work together' when in reality all they will do will once again defeat efforts to build a strong community making it weak a vulnerable for development.

Anonymous said...

Queens to Queens Level 3 stated:
According to a recent study by the Center for Economic Opportunity, Asians have now surpassed Hispanics as the city's poorest group (What, you mean the lazy, shiftless Blacks aren't the poorest? Hey that doesn't fit the Fox News stereotype!).

They are not all really poor. Some of the have money from China to bring in and buy multifamily homes. But some really work their butt off, but they earn 3000 dollars cash per month and save and work a lot by not going out and having beers and buying clothes or other items. Bascially they live way way below their means so of the 3000 they earn, they can save 2000 to 2500 per month.. that will be about 25k per year.. then in 5 years that's 125k.. good enough to either start their own business or buy a coop.. but most will start their business to take a risk. That's it..

Key to this is are you willing to do DELAY GRATIFICATION. No vacation, No MTV, No cables, eat cheap or free, buy used and cheap first and work 6 days for 11 hours per day FOR 5 STRAIGHT YEARS??? Most American citizen friends I know cannot do that.