Monday, July 21, 2014

CVS = Crappy Vile Store

I've written about conditions at CVS stores before. Now, every parking lot strip at their Fresh Pond Road store has disintegrated, making it look pretty bad. CVS certainly has the money to keep their properties in tip top condition, so there's no excuse for this.


Le Gross Foo Chat said...

I'm old enough to remember when the "Consumer Value Store" was a crappy little hole-in-the-wall in downtown Providence, RI. I guess they're too big now to bother with little details, like keeping their properties attractive.

Joe Moretti said...

Give the corporate offices a call and send them photos via email:

1 Cvs Dr, Woonsocket, RI 02895
(404) 524-1114

The CEO is CEO: Larry J. Merlo

They tend to respond when they find out about shit like this.

It worked for me with Auto Zone and Walgreens in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

I've sent many emails and photos to their corporate office and received phone calls back from them and they addressed any problems within days. Graffiti, garbage, and lighting were some of the major complaints.
Rite Aid is another poorly run company, but they also respond to complaints within a fairly reasonable time frame.

Anonymous said...

Study: CVS has largest CEO-to-worker pay disparity among top companies

Anonymous said...

Send the link to this page -



Retail Pharmacy, Store Operations, Real Estate and Store Locations

Mike DeAngelis
Director, Public Relations

Anonymous said...

As a an owner of a company that makes precast concrete products, you gotta make a special effort to make parking chocks of such a shitty quality.

Mike Francesa said...

Anon2, I'm pretty sure CVS is also the only pharmacy chain in the city that isn't unionized. They should anti-union videos during the training. I believe they are unionized in Long Island though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps CVS could do something about the beggars who are appearing on a regulars basis outside the entrance to the store.

I was there this past weekend and there was not only one but two at this site.

Anonymous said...

Considering how new that location is, they should sue the contractor/vendor for those blocks. They should not have fallen apart like that so fast.

Anonymous said...

Does CVS actually own this property?
Odds are they rent, if so, feel free to complain to their landlord.

Anonymous said...

The parking lot in Howard Beach's CVS needs fixing too..

Anonymous said...

CVS is too busy cooking up ideas on how to make their receipts longer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah why the heck they waste so much paper on the receipts, crazy..