Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gas station back in business

Here's another update on a June 19th post:

"Greetings Crapunzel:

The gas station at Eliot & Fresh Pond is again open. New pumps and a cleaner look.

Got gas there two days ago at a very good credit card price.


philipe the filled up"

It remains a Citgo.


Anonymous said...

Was Joe Kennedy there to pump gas on behalf of the people of Venezuela?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Joe was too busy buying juror votes for his acquitted sister in Westchester County.

Anonymous said...

Even with Hugo Chavez dead, I still try not to buy gas from Citgo stations, unless I'm on I-95 and really need gas.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, a Socialist leader providing lower-cost gas to poor Americans.

I guess that would be OK if Donald Stump did it.