Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why would a chain clothing store want a liquor license?

From DNA Info:

Urban Outfitters' grand plan for its first multi-sensory consumption haven in New York, where shoppers down booze and drunkenly buy floral skirts, might not have a shot at seeing the light of day.

The chain store, which is proposing a three-story center in a converted North Sixth Street warehouse, was denied its liquor license by the local community board's liquor license committee Thursday night after an hour-long exchange between impassioned Urban Outfitters staff and perturbed local residents.

The staff insisted the booze was part of a way to become "an integral part of the community" with a restaurant, pop-up booths and a rooftop space, but the committee didn't buy their pitch.


Deke DaSilva said...

When I have my measurements taken at my tailor on Savile Row, they always give me a martini to make the process less odious.

I could see an Urban Outfitters' shopper having a Pabst Blue Ribbon to complement their shopping experience.

georgetheatheist said...

It has to do with Starbucks. Since when does a coffee shop become a library?

The Internet Cafe phenom.

Anonymous said...

To remove stains

Miles Mullin said...

this place is sooo educational.


As I recall your measurements were exceptional...

Anonymous said...

There are people drunk enough to buy the even-worse-than-sweatshop clothing of Urban Outfitters.