Monday, July 8, 2013

Marshall demands taxpayers build ramps for Wilpon's shopping mall

Save FMCP has a copy of the Borough President's ULURP decision with respect to the Mets shopping mall on mapped parkland.

QBP WilletsWest ULURP by Save Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Here are the highlights:

- "There were 2 speakers in favor and 20 speakers opposed to the application" at the Borough President's hearing.
- "Phase 1A/1B will be a $3 billion dollar private investment..." Okay, but the mall first has to turn a profit and recoup this money before "affordable housing" - which is used interchangeably with "low-income housing" will be built. In other words, nothing will happen after the mall.
- "The full buildout and impacts of this construction will occur over the next few decades." Hmmm. I thought this was all supposed to be done by 2025. Sounds more like 2125 now.
- "Funding must be committed to the design and construction of the Van Wyck Expressway Access Ramps." That's right, Helen is demanding that our tax dollars be used to build ramps so that the Wilpons can build a shopping mall in a public park.


georgetheatheist said...

Check out The Courier's glorified ass-kissing of Marshall in the current edition here

Way to go Vicki. BTW How's your facelift? You lookin' younger than Marshall's photos?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You people are sooooooo mean!

Where are your manners?

Helen is almost eighty-four years old and like her eighty-seven year old predecessor, Schulman, is most likely brain addled or suffering from the onslaught of Alzheimer's.

If you really cared for the mentally infirm you'd buy Helen a going away gift. Perhaps a drool cup.

Anonymous said...

If you really cared for the mentally infirm you'd buy Helen a going away gift. Perhaps a drool cup.
OR a one-way ticket to...

HELL!!! (short for Helen?)

Ansel Adams said...

Eighty-fucking-four years old!!!

And this addled-brained Alte Kakker is still in office????

Helen: Hey $80G's/year Fotog Totino, why are you holding a shovel in your hands?

$80G's/year Fotog Totino: Smile Helen, smile. It's not a shovel. It's a camera. Smile, smile, smile.

Anonymous said...

Please, Helen Marshall is definitely compos mentis. Other wise how could she compose this intricately worded ULURP?

Anonymous said...

It says funds must be committed.....don't see that it says taxpayer funded.

Queens Crapper said...

And why don't you think it specifies? Because it's going to be the taxpayer who pays.

Anonymous said...

The City is charged with building the ramps. Although it is not required to do so. In other words, the City doesn't expect to have to build them, because there is nothing going to happen after the mall. This is about gussying up 126th Street by evicting the chop shops, not about actually developing anything at Willets Point.

Queens Crapper said...

Did you folks forget about this? The Bloomberg administration did not want to risk paying out legal damages to the developers — Related Cos. and Sterling Equities, the real estate arm of the New York Mets — should the city fail to build additional ramps off the Van Wyck Expressway, an essential precursor to constructing the housing component of the project, officials and the companies said at a recent meeting.