Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bloomberg booed in Rockaway

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg was dogged by jeers as he marched in a St. Patrick’s Day parade through the Rockaways, booed by some residents frustrated with the city’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

The parade was a welcome break for the Queens neighborhoods devastated by the storm but the dozens of boarded-up businesses and damaged homes along the route were a symbol of the work that still needed to be done — and the raw feelings of the locals.

“I booed loudly,” said Margaret Wagner, 48. “We had no food, no shelter. People died here, and Bloomberg was on TV talking about a marathon. It’s appalling.”

Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the mayoral frontrunner, briefly walked with Bloomberg but then fell back along the route.


Anonymous said...

the ANTI-GUN zealot always marches with eight tall security agents WITH GUNS.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time that the Mayor of New York City went anyplace withouty armed guards?

Anonymous said...

He was surrounded by Garbage Men.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. The day I read about this story, I went on Youtube and searched for bloomberg bood Rockaways, and I found multiple videos with these keywords; all from previous years!

Anonymous said...

isnt that the line from Fidler on the roof when they ask if there is a proper blessing for the czar?

Anonymous said...

Quinn will be worse than Bloomberg if elected mayor.