Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special election for Council District 31

Donovan Richards
From the Daily News:

Candidates vying for former City Councilman James Sanders Jr.’s vacated District 31 seat is shaping up to be an eclectic cast of characters.

There will be a special run-off election on Feb. 19, open to any candidate who can collect the requisite signatures by mid-month, Mayor Bloomberg announced last week.
Sanders vacated his Council seat to assume his new role in the state Senate after defeating embattled incumbent Shirley Huntley.

The candidates must scramble to collect 1,350 signatures by Jan. 15 and then submit them to the city Board of Elections.

Thus far, former Councilman Alan Jennings and Selvena Brooks have filed their petitions with the board, according to spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez.

Brooks served as the deputy chief of staff to state Sen. Malcolm Smith and most recently worked with the politically active SEIU union.

The early frontrunner appears to be Donovan Richards, Sander’s former chief of staff. The outgoing councilman has thrown his weight behind his protege. Richards has not yet filed his petition with the Board of Elections as of Monday. A handful of other names have been rumored.


Anonymous said...

Crappy, how about posting that the new LIC library that is in a flood zone will now be raised because of Sandy .... one foot .... or that within steps of the new hotels next to the Queens Bridge Houses people were shot New Years instead of stuff like this.

You do not have to compete with the Courier or the like for stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with posting articles about elections being held in Queens? People need to know about that as well.

Anonymous said...

Is he of legal age? Looks young.

nyczumba said...

Stephen T. Levin was 28 when he was elected member of the New York City Council who represents Brooklyn's 33rd District. The 33rd District include SO NO HE IS NOT TO YOUNG

Anonymous said...

I saw Richards at the ROSEDALE train station asking for signatures. My only problem is that I never saw Richards or any of his peers come through ROSEDALE to see the damage after Sandy. But yet they have time to ask signatures to be elected. I'll be there Feb. 19, 2013 to have my voice heard.

Anonymous said...

Donovan Richards lives in Far Rockaway so maybe he was stuck there. I live in Rosedale and volunteered with Jacques Leandre bringing food, water and clothing to his office which was then loaded into a huge Uhaul truck heading to the Rockaways.