Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paul Vallone enters District19 Dem primary

From Bayside Patch:

Paul Vallone said he intends to challenge Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Whitestone, for his seat this fall.

Vallone, who is the son of former Council Speaker Peter Vallone and brother of Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., previously ran in the Democratic primary for the seat in 2009.

“I’m building on what we started four years ago,” said Vallone, an attorney who lives in Flushing. “In 2009, it was more of a getting to know you kind of thing. We’ve worked our butts off in the community to bring this campaign to fruition.”

Matthew Silverstein, a Democratic state committeeman, is the only other contender who has announced a bid in this fall’s primary for the seat.

Other names who have been mentioned as contenders are former state Assemblyman John Duane and Austin Shaffran, who is an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Vallone said his family has inspired him to jump into the race.

“I’ve had my father as a role model,” he said. “I’ve seen how when you’re a strong local representative, you can go to City Hall and bring back to the district.”

Vallone said he will run on many of the same issues on which he focused in his 2009 bid.

Since Halloran and Vallone are buddies, dontcha think something must be up?


SPY vs Spy said...

“I’m building on what we started four years ago,” said Vallone, an attorney who lives in Flushing.


“In 2009, it was more of a getting to know you kind of thing.


We’ve worked our butts off in the community to bring this campaign to fruition.”


Vallone said his family has inspired him to jump into the race.


“I’ve had my father as a role model,” he said.


“I’ve seen how when you’re a strong local representative, you can go to City Hall and bring back to the district.”


Jerry Rotondi said...

"Goldie Locks & The 3 Bears"

Vallone to Halloran: "You're sitting in my seat"!

The Flushing Phantom said...

That's it...I'm not voting!

With either Paul Vallone or Dan Halloran...
the district gets shafted!

CB#7's "follow the buck" Chuck Apelian
will come out on top...getting Don Paulo's political campaign printing contract...just like he did in the previous election.

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone is an asset to our community. We all have a lot of fun posting "crap" and poking fun of our community elected officials and wannabe candidates, but every once and a while, we actually get someone worth considering for the job. Paul is definitely competent, experienced and passionate to be our next council member.

Next time you have 5 minutes, take a look at the bios of the current city council members. How many have a business background? I gotta tell you, more and more seem to be "community organizers" and not business people who understand the climate of our small business communities. Now listen, we need community organizers, and it's nice to finally see them stacking up in government for our beneift, but we also need people who understand small business. Not just say it, but live it.

Paul is that candidate. Small business experience, community organizer through the democratic club and family man. For every few liberal community organizers on the council it would be nice to have a moderate to liberal small business owner to provide debate and diversity.

I welcome more candidates like Paul to throw their hat into the race and keep the democratic spirit alive and well in what is a tweeding borough.

Anonymous said...

Don Pietro "junior" Vallone now holds the western shore....while Don Paulo "chrome-dome" seeks to grab the eastern frontier.

It looks like "La Famiglia" is preparing a pincer campaign to extend their turf....embracing the borough in a stranglehold.

Can you voters spot this....
or shall I simplify it further....with a diagram that even a Queens dead head could easily follow?

A worst case scenario:
Should Pete Junior become Queens' next borough president....we will find to ourselves paying tribute to these political mafiosi !

Dan Halloran is looking like a very good alternative. At least we all know who we've been dealing with.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Vote for Vallone, the lobbyist of choice of developers.

Our civic association has got your number, you phony!

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone only shows up at BFHA meetings when he's running for office. I'll bet he attends the next one.

Jerry Rotondi said...

WOW--bumbling Bloomberg endorses Vallone!
Is that supposed to fill me with confidence?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Kevin....uh, what was his real first name, Du-Kun Kim?

Anonymous said...

Who wants to bet that "The Midget" wrote comment #4?
He's desperate for a job in someone's political office.
The little troll's a shill for the Vallone goombahs!
Eyyyy, budda-bing!

Anonymous said...

Bowl of Baloney

Anonymous said...

I see that little Paul has already read Queens Crap
this morning.

Is that you, personally, or one of your trolls beefing up your candidacy, Mr. V?

smart voter said...

Who's "poking fun" here? We're dead serious!

The Valllone dynasty ruined Astoria.
That's their track record for all to see.

Paul must have paid somebody a tidy sum to do such a lengthy and defensive commercial for him.

I love the part about his "small business experience".

The Vallone Law Firm makes it's big bucks
LOBBYING for real estate DEVELOPERS!

Next time you have 5 minutes, check out those "BIOS"!

That comprises their VERY BIG BUSINESS experience!

Go online to check out which DEVELOPERS gave HOW MUCH to the Vallones over the years

Do some product research, just like the kind you would do when you're in the market for a new car.

Anonymous said...

Methinks that "Little Paul" is really Little Adam!

Political ponce Adam, is just the right height
to kiss his padrone's ass!

I meant it all tongue in cheek.

Anonymous said...

Give me a 1/2 lb of Valloney Baloney!

Take your thumb off the scale while you're slicing it!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Adam has forsaken Eve for Paul.

Politics makes for some very strange bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

I'd take John Duane over the rest. But since he was a one-term Assemblymember, he might not be widely remembered. He lost to Doug Prescott, who then lost to Carrozza.

Councilman Paul V. Grinch said...

"And a partridge in a pear tree.
A belated Merry Christmas to you all.

I've got a load of coal to stuff your stockings
next year...heh, heh, heh"!

Anonymous said...

we are tired of hearing about the "business backgrounds" of candidates...suggesting that it alone qualifies them to represent us.

Mayor Bloomberg's "astute" business "acumen"
was supposed to have saved NYC from financial oblivion. Instead it has left us taxpayers with a mess of misguided and expensive pet projects, which will be dismantled after he's gone (at greater expense).

Paul Vallone is a CB#7 member.
I was present when he voted to approve the White House Restaurant expansion, over the wishes of the Whitestone community.

Paul, being a lawyer, will give his loyalty to his biggest paying clients.

A large portion of the Vallone legal firm's money is derived from the real estate industry.

Constituent's concerns will take a back seat if it becomes neighborhood versus developer.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe (back in 1987) I should have taken the direction of Assemblyman Morton C. Hillman--
when as a member of his Community Affairs Committee--I was urged to run for district leader.

By now, I could be your city councilman.
County would have agreed to support my campaign.

Instead I said,
"No--thank you for the honor of considering me.

Perhaps, I made a great error in declining.
Could I be worse than any other candidate who is running today? Could I be better?

That's all water over the dam, now.

You can hold me responsible for the status quo, if you must, but I was never cut out to hold any public office.

Who shall I recommend in my place?

Let me think on it for awhile. Let's see if somebody else tosses their hat in the ring--that I'd consider worthy of endorsing.

In the meantime--
my respects to all. God save our great republic!

Anonymous said...

#18...G.O.P. Doug Prescott lost to Carroza, after the district was gerrymandered making it very difficult to elect another G.O.P. candidate.

Mike Abel road in with Rudy, after the previous Koch/Dinkins administration's enabled the nyc homicide numbers to reach 2500 per year, in 1993.
the numbers have remained at about 400 per year since.

John Duane is too left-social engineering for my vote.
Check out his appearance at an old Left-wing rally at Queens College supporting the Left "SANDANISTAS", in the 1980's.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 22:

1) Which Road did Abel ride in with Rudy on? Fresh Pond? 20th?

2) And Frank Padavan's district was gerrymandered to keep him in office. Works both ways.

3) John Duane won't win anyway, but a rally he atteneded in the the 1980s? The last time I looked, we're in 2013. Stay current.

The Hairdresser said...

Who has better hair: Paulie Vallone or Barry Grodenchik?

Anonymous said...

and is paul going to put distance between himself and the guy with the arrest record in florida with the syringes ? or is this another gallahgher in the making ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 24: Sort of damning with faint praise to say that one of them does!

Jerry Rotondi said...

It looks like nobody
got my Bloomberg's "endorsement" rib.

That happened the last time that Paul Vallone
ran for city council.

Look at the characters who are endorsing him now.

Anonymous said...


I think that Adam the dwarf is sitting this round out...issuing no further comments.

That's it...pop a Valium, Adam, and rest up a bit.

But Mr. Vallone is greatly displeased with your services.
There may not be a job for you on his staff.

Uh...are you any good at cleaning toilets?

Gary the Agnostic said...

That looks like one hearty handshake there.

Adam said...

to all the above comments: haha

Queens Crapper said...

My question is how do you expect to win a Dem primary when you were seriously being considered for the GOP nomination last time? Lefty Dem primary voters don't go for that shit.

Anonymous said...

what about the syringes ? i think the church would be interested in that. wonder if they will let someone anywhere the youth after every mother within 30 blocks of the church is warned about it. with the photo. wonder how dad will feel when its mailed to 30,000 people. 5 times. some people pick the wrong fights. there is a very small window till it starts and once it starts it won't stop. forgiveness is possible but time is running.

Anonymous said...

what about the syringes adam ?

Adam said...

I am an insulin dependent diabetic since birth.

Adam said...

Don't forget to tell my Pastor too!

Anonymous said...

And do you have an arrest record in Florida? Nice try.

Adam said...

Yep, as a teenager I smoked a joint. Don't really give a shit though. Mail anyone you like :)

Anonymous said... we've got Adam up...all 5' 2" of him!

Anonymous said...

Adam belongs on "speaker's corner" in Hyde Park, London. There he can speechify with the other egotistical nut jobs, to his heart's content.

Anonymous said...

Adam has lost control...3 defensive posts in a row.

After he finishes throwing his hissy fit, he'll go back to his blog and rail against...Avella?

Isn't that what his padrone Vallone hired him to do?

Adam, my boy, an ADULT ignores snarky online ridicule.

The best course for you is to abstain from counter comments, or else be more skillful with them.

Anonymous said...

"haha"...but "all the above comments" ring true!

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone must have Godiva chocolate for feces.
Why else are his trolls lining up behind his ass?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am sure Matt Silversteen, who is a top notch campaigner, will have Warren stuff that quote in every mailbox. "Who cares if I did drugs and have an arrest record." Or Behar who is an expert at negative campaigning. Wow. "Dont really give a shit." Paul is going to have to explain that statement. Between the police report, and the weird topless photo, wow, thats gonna be quite a race. I expect youi will see someones support getting rejected rather quickly, after a pretty severe publuic humiliation. The boys from Howard Beach may have lost, but they will be back.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Austin Finan is goign to get rid of this liability pretty quick. The picture of him, that weird photo with no shirt, like he was "crusing" in Florida or soemthing, with the drugs and the syrimnges. I dont know, seems like a quick way to end a campaign to have that guy around. Silverstein is clean as a whistle.

Anonymous said...

Syringes? Really? What's next ? We going to Sloan Kettering to make fun of cancer patients? Ass, he's a diabetic.

Matt clean? Really? Look into his dealings with Markell and her developer friends.

You can start with Len , Lou , for starters!

Focus on the real deal! Not the BS

Anonymous said...

30,000 people? Funny with the 282 Facebook friend you have. Hardly in the thousands.


Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg is so bumbling why have you elected him three times New York !

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 44:

Can you try posting this again? and this time write it in English.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Don't accuse me of electing 'ol nasal tone 3 times.

I most certainly DID NOT vote for bumbling Bloomberg,
even once!

Did you?