Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hurricane crime spike

From the Daily News:

Queens residents in Sandy-ravaged neighborhoods were victim to both Mother Nature and cold-hearted thieves this past year.

The lastest NYPD crime stats show a soaring uptick in robberies and grand larcenies throughout the storm-battered Rockaways and Howard Beach neighborhoods.

“This [Hurricane Sandy] situation brought out the best in New Yorkers and also brought out the worst in some New Yorkers,” said Assistant Chief James Secreto, commander of Patrol Borough Queens South, at a Nov. 19 meeting following a rash of brazen looting in the Rockaways.

New NYPD CompStat figures show a 75.9% spike in burglaries and 57% jump in grand larcenies in 2012 thoughout the 101st Precinct, which covers Far Rockaway.

As of Dec. 23, the latest numbers also report a 42.4% increase in burglaries and a 26.1% spike in grand larcenies in the 100th Precinct, which covers Rockaway Park.

Elected officials were not shocked by the latest numbers.

They aren't shocked because they passed the budgets that gutted the police force...but they want you to forget that part.


Anonymous said...

NYC government seems to be able to do two things: build and tweed.

Everything else, like 311 and Community Boards, have as much use as that Walk button at stop lights.

The treatment of these American citizens in the wake of Sandy, and their invisibility in the media, is a disgrace as well as a chilling warning as to where we all stand in the eyes of government.

Anonymous said...

Bayside has an alarming rate of burglaries/robberies. There also have been home invasions.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the perps would try if they knew the house was occupied and the owner was armed ?

Anonymous said...

The criminals feel safe.
In Southold evebody has guns there are NO burglaries or gun accidents.

Anonymous said...

a must see video; search: IRAQVETERAN8888

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why each and every one of these perps, these lowlifes that are worse than grave robbers aren't shamed publicly by name, by picture in every newspaper and media outlet in the city. Oh wait--they're too busy releasing the names and addresses of NRA members.

Anonymous said...

NRA, all the way!
12 guage justice to burglars and looters!

Anonymous said...

My crossbow is at the ready!
No permit needed!

Ned said...

A single shot crossbow is no match against automatic weapons most the home invaders and gangs carry today. And no gun laws will stop that fact.
If you miss with that 1 shot crossbow your likely gonna be dead in a couple seconds--Its not an efficient **defensive** weapon.
Read the NRA handbooks.

The problem is crooks, gangs and nuts today are different then years ago thanks to Hollywood, TV and video games. Its all become to real and no big deal for these young criminals and nuts to splatter brains and guts.
These people will kill you in a heartbeat just like in a movie or video game. (as we have seen recently).
Guns are as old as this country but these violent mass murders in schools and movie theaters are something new

You know the cops will never be around when you need them so I'm all for 12 gauge buck shell justice.


Anonymous said...

I intend to use one of those "semi-automatic" crossbows featured in the movie "Van Helsing", Ned.

Anonymous said...

Make that 12 gauge 00 buck shell,
in a semi-auto!

Anonymous said...

Do you suggest the use of RPGs too, Ned?

What makes you think that one or two defenders, with multi shot mags, can stop a determined gang of 4 or 5 carrying assault weapons?

You're fucked...regardless.

And YOU have been playing TOO MANY computer games.

Far away Rocakaway IS NOT Fort Knox.

There's NO GOLD there, worthy of mounting an armed strike force to steal!

Are a bunch of waterlogged big screen TVs, computers, etc. worth defending?

Admit it. You're just a gun nut. I can respect that.
I believe in the right to bear arms (or arm Bears).

It's the National Guard that should be defending our homeland, and homes against looters, instead of being deployed to places like Iraq.

it's the Army's job is to be overseas in Iraq.

Mayor Bloomberg DID NOT want to call out the guard because "they carry guns".
Blame him for the failure to adequately protect property.

Commissioner Ray Kelly's "boy scouts" CAN'T DO the job on their own!

Ned said...

US Citizens have the right to defend themselves when recognized organized militia aren't around OR ALLOWED to perform their duty's.
That's something that should never be infringing upon.
Especially by some liberal pinko mayor, president or police commissioner who ALL live in Führerbunker's and travel with armed army's themselves.

A pack of split tongue blue donkeys dictating is never a good thing. Next thing you know they are telling everybody that isn't on board with there grand vision of "New Amerika" to "Get on the train"
Dictators, criminals and corruption is EXACTLY what our for-fathers had in mind when they gave US citizens the 2nd amendment right.

Remember what happened in places like Germany and Russia in the last century when the socialists came for the guns.
If these people in Far Rockaway White, Black, Brown, want to protect themselves and property VS being carted off like garbage to some shelter LET THEM !