Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lots of schools fail to make the grade

From the Queens Courier:

It could be final bell for 217 city schools whose progress reports showed dismal grades.

The progress reports include “A” through “F” grades of 1,193 elementary and middle schools. The schools who scored a “D” or an “F,” or no higher than a “C” for three years, could be on the chopping block, with this year’s citywide number up from last year’s report of 116.

Among those in Queens could be the 31 schools who have scored three consecutive “Cs” or below, nine schools with a “D,” and the one Jamaica school with an “F,” P.S. 140 Edward K. Ellington.

Out of a total score of 100, the school scored a 21 based on the Department of Education (DOE) standards.

According to a DOE statistical breakdown, grades are based on a compilation of student progress, performance and school environment. Progress and performance mainly come from standardized test scores, and English and Math scores at P.S. 140 are down.


Anonymous said...

"The schools who scored" should be "The schools which scored."

Time for editor and reporter to return to school for more grammar lessons.

Anonymous said...

After 11+ years of Bloomberg improving our public schools, there are still 217 that made the list of failing schools?

At that rate it will be only a short time before all the schools make the list, are closed, and reorganized to defeat the unions without providing our children any better an education.

A Better NYC said...

I'm sorry to say that the NYC Public School system is arguably the most worthless, corrupt & inefficient institution in the entire country.

Countless numbers of kids pass through the system without knowing how to read or do simple math.

Countless numbers of kids "graduate" without even showing up to class.

Zero learning takes place.

There's zero accountability from top to bottom.

At one point NYC public schools were the BEST in the country.

Today, it's a sewer.

It's the breeding grounds for failure, crime, underachievement and decline.

Joe said...

Bloomberg or whoever can improve the public schools till the cows come home.
The problem is the students getting the D's and F's are the offspring of 3rd world illegal aliens who don't give a dam about their "jackpot" kids education.

According to a teacher friend of mine all the Asian kids in those SAME SCHOOLS get Bs and As, have near perfect attendance, sit still interested and absorb education like sponges .
Any school teachers here ?

Anonymous said...

this one

Jerry Rotondi said...

Mike Boomberg has failed to make the grade as mayor.

Anonymous said...

They have to pass these kids who can't read. Do you want your daughter in 3rd grade with a 16 yr old? It's not the teachers' fault. They are pressured to pass these morons.

Anonymous said...

Will these idiots
become our nation's future "brain" trust?

No wonder we desperately need "Orientals"
to smarten up the USA !

Those "tiger moms"
really know how to kick their kids' asses.

No hip hop
distraction shit for their sons and daughters.

Crack those books,
or you'll be kneeling on raw rice grains!