Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boroughwide support for protecting parkland

Bloomberg and the Wilpons are starting to look like major league assholes (pun intended) for trying to shove this shopping mall/soccer stadium down our throats.

* Noisy park advocates are monopolizing meetings.

* Danny Dromm is after them.

* The NY Times thinks the plan stinks.

* Residents of neighborhoods far from Queens' flagship park are fighting to protect it.

If anyone thought that people in Queens don't value their parkland, they sure are getting an education. I doubt the EDC ever thought they would see headlines like the one shown above, and have council members protesting with the people.

3rd term lame duckery is a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Could we just maintain it well as a park? That's what parks are for!

Central Park has a private conservancy; does the rest of NYC need a working stiff's park conservancy that would seek private funding from the wealthy and foundations since the City has not maintained parks for the working stiffs?

Anonymous said...

Nothing says "I love Queens" more than a soccer stadium that attracts all the job-swiping alley-pissing illegals to a single nexus right in the neighborhood ... parking included.

Alan said...

It's good to see people awakening! Thanks for posting, QC!

Anonymous said...

FYI...some inside info:

The Central Park Conservancy
has an extremely wealthy donor that happens to
live in Queens.

News flash!
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
IS NOT a real park like Central Park is.

It's just left-over fair grounds!

However it is parkland and should be protected as our green spaces seem to be vanishing.

Anonymous said...

Danny Dromm
is after publicity for his own usual.

Isn't that what politicians always do to keep their jobs?

Time to get married and get a real life...Councilman.