Thursday, October 4, 2012

DOB uses "wrong address" excuse

"Since there was no address on that lot, which is the case for many of these empty lots, I had to google the name of the company, look at various addresses, etc and got this:

Nemet Auto Group 153-12 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY (718) 523-5858 ‎ ·

When I clicked on Street view, it showed me that lot. The 150-40 did not show me that lot, it showed me another lot and since the lot with the awning was between 153rd St and 152nd street, I figured that the google map, address and photo was correct. It was all I had to go on.

Beside when I filed the 311 complaint in the section where you can put additional information on the location, I told them that it was on the SW corner of 153rd St and Hillside. I even called the DOB office after I saw their 1st status and told them it was on the SW corner of 153rd St and Hillside Avenue. So the address was off by a bit, but with the additional information I gave them they still should have gotten the right place. You found it, DOT found it (said it was not their jurisdiction). DOB just did not try too hard. Both addresses are close to each other, they could have put a little more effort into, know full well what it was."

- Joe Moretti

BTW, the address DOB gave as "correct" is not the address shown at, which is supposed to have official property info used by the DOB and other depts.

The correct address of that lot, according to the City, is 87-62 153 STREET.


Joe reports that the fallen metal has been removed. By whom, we aren't sure.


Anonymous said...

The Dept of Buildings does not act as stewards for the public interest - they act solely to forward their own institutional interests. That's why we see the disturbing trend of unlicensed personnel -starting at the top, with Commissioner LiMandri, and continuing down to the unlicensed people who examine plans.

The DoB "cooks the books" constantly - not only the addres not found

Anonymous said...

The fallen metal was probably removed by a scrapper. An insider at the DOB probably provides a tip off. Oh, an abandoned lot? Let's sit and wait for a moment to loot it!

Anonymous said...

If DOB isn't "out to lunch", they're busy taking bribes!

When it comes to developers and the building trades,
the MOB and DOB have always work hand in hand.

We need the feds to clean out this most corrupt agency!