Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sounds like someone lost a bundle at the track

From the Queens Chronicle:

The husband of state Sen. Shirley Huntley (D-Jamaica) filed a police report last week, alleging he had been robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot outside the Resorts World Casino New York City in South Ozone Park, though the gaming establishment said the accusations are not panning out.

The NYPD said Herbert Huntley filed the report late last Thursday night, saying he had been approached by three black males, two of them armed with revolvers, who stole about $380 from him. According to the report, the men returned his wallet and, upon inspecting his cell phone, “said it was too old and gave it back to him,” a police spokesman said.

The state senator also confirmed that her husband filed a report.

“When my husband goes to the casino, he never takes a lot of money, and he usually comes back early,” Huntley said. “He called me and told me he was winning and was going to hang out a little longer. When he was walking to the parking lot, three guys, two with guns, referred to him as ‘pops,’ and told him to give them his money.”

She also said the thugs looked at his wedding ring, but could not get it off his hand, “so they didn’t deal with that.

“Then they got into an old car,” Huntley continued.

The senator also said that the incident had upset her husband so much that he would likely be unable to identify his attackers.

Police would not comment on the investigation because it is still ongoing, but Stefan Friedman, a spokesman for Resorts World Casino New York City, said his company has so far been unable to find evidence of Huntley’s claims.

According to a source close to the situation, who wished to remain anonymous, security cameras filmed Herbert Huntley the entire time he was at the casino, as well as when he walked to his car, and there is no footage of him being held up.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing credible about his claim, it seems, but what is odd to me is why do this over $380 dollars? That is the only part that makes me wonder.

Anonymous said...

Even BLACK people are lying about being held up by "black males". Probably because in reality, it lends more credibility to the story. God forbid a white person made the same accusation. Not trying to fan racial flames, just a sad truth of our society that we refuse to face. said...

Ja, Herpert, I vood haf done der zame ting. Dat Shoiley looks like see kann sving a heffy rolling pin! Hahr-hahr! Und be shure to teik awf your shoes at nite. Dose vooden stairs kann reely skveek!

Captain Renault said...

two of them armed with revolvers

Attention NYPD! Be on the lookout for two revolvers!

he had been approached by three black males

Ahhh....I should have known!


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing ever and it probably happens frequently, just not done by the addle-brained husband of an addle-brained State Sen. Are their kids as stupid as they are?

Anonymous said...

one wonders if the perps broke his nose and pounded his head on the pavement ?

is the left media covering this fact up ?

Anonymous said...

the cameras are lying .

where is Al and Jesse ?

did the police dust the cell phone for the perp's prints?

did the police confiscate all of his passports ?

false reporting of a crime to police, is a crime.

is his bail money in a off-shore bank?

Anonymous said...

These are the morons that you time and time again Queens.

Anonymous said...

1. With all the security around a casino, it seems to be that last place that you find muggers.

2. If one of the perps handled Mr. Huntley's phone, there could be a fingerprint no it.

3. The lack of corroboration from the video surveillance is damning, and at the discretion of the police or DA, Huntley could be prosecuted for making a false police report.

Anonymous said...

#9.....look up to PLAGIARIZE , in the dictionary ?

Anonymous said...

Should have gone to one of those illegal Chinese gambling dens in Floo-shing instead.

We hear that the odds are better there and they serve free dumplings.

Massaggee, massagee, massagee.

Check out the Q Trib's listings.