Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's elect someone with a brain, please

From the Forum:

Less than a week after she was audibly fed answers by Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch during a press conference, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley was caught playing with her phone during a debate. Several different videos taken during the debate show extended periods of scrolling, eyes locked onto her phone screen, as her competitors engage in an interactive debate.

Her behavior was disrespectful and irresponsible.

An aide claimed she was merely taking notes, to assist in her replies during the debate. The only problem with that is, in order to take notes on a phone, one must type.

Not just scroll. Scrolling is really best for reading – perhaps reading notes and instructions being sent from one’s staff. And if one checks out any of the multiple videos shot during the debate, one sees an awful lot of scrolling.

Even if she was taking notes, they should have been brief thoughts jotted down. Things she might like to mention when it’s her turn to talk. Not the start to a novel.

Watching Crowley at that debate was a little bit too much like catching a fellow teenager cheating on an Algebra test, notes written up and down her arms in black felt marker. Only this time, we’re not teenagers. We are all as grown up as we are going to get. This is it America. We are the adults. And that one’s still got Cliff’s notes.

While we have no problem with a politician fighting for police and firefighters, we have to wonder – what happens if someone else gets into her ear?

Furthermore, the job Crowley’s applying for is to be a congressional representative. She will represent you, on the United States Congress. You, personally. Is that how we want the rest of America to see Queens?


Anonymous said...


First she did Mc Laughlin.

Now Liz is doing Lynch.

Surin be gorra...
let's break out some Irish whiskey
and toast the colleen for being patriotic to the old country.

At least Ackerman has a brain...diabolical, perhaps...
but gray matter abides in his skull.

Anonymous said...

Only in Queens.

Its voters
are even dumber than she is.

That's why our politicians
have such an easy job screwing us.

The borough is asleep!

Anonymous said...

So if Liz is not qualified, which candidate is?

Anonymous said...

But she's not supposed to win the election, get it?

Anonymous said...

I think it's quite obvious
that Lancman is qualified to take Ackerman's seat.

Does that answer your question?

But if you want to play suck face,
then Liz is your best bet.

Anonymous said...

If having a brain is a qualification, we'd have no electeds. Not necessarily a "Bad Thing"

Anonymous said...

It's very simple, really. Don't elect these people. Next.

Anonymous said...

it seems like dizzy lizzy got a hickey from that picture.

Anonymous said...

Want to see the spectacle in person? Here are some upcoming places to see the contenders debate:

June 5: KGH Civic Candidates Night: 141-55 77th Avenue at 8pm

June 6: Hollis Hills Candidates Night: 210-10 Union Turnpike. 8pm

Bring popcorn and enjoy the show. And watch Lancman triumph.

Anonymous said...

She looks great, but man, theres nothing in the attic but the light!
Gonna have to go Lanceman.

georgetheatheist said...

Meng is not the sharpest knife in the draw either. A graduate of Stuyvesant High School (!) who claims she did not know that her campaign advertising printer Michael Nussbaum, the Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune, also publishes prostitution advertising in that newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The Crowley's are dumber than dirt. Virgina Joe is shrewd, but his cousin Lizzie is and has been out to lunch since she mounted the political stage (and politicians). Queens is a cesspool because of the Voters. They are solely to blame. Maybe they'll smarten up this time and vote all the incumbents out. However, the Irish contingent will continue to vote for the Crowleys. It seems they equate them to the Kennedy Clan. Go figure. If you have a brain in your head, you'll save your money and move to another state, where people aren't sheep.

Anonymous said...

The unforunate fact is that a scarecrow has more brain power!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Elizabeth certainly is getting the most attention in this race and all seem very worried about that here....she can't even blink without that going unnoticed....she may even have the lead as of now ....nothing wrong with using a hand held device ...this is 2012....get real here

Anonymous said...

I hear that Liz Crowley's campaign song is "If I Only Had A Brain."

Anonymous said...

Well Elizabeth certainly is getting the most attention in this race and all seem very worried about that here....she can't even blink without that going unnoticed....she may even have the lead as of now ....nothing wrong with using a hand held device ...this is 2012....get real here


No one is worried here, troll.

Dizzy Lizzy is destroying her own chances of being elected by disrespecting the voters that she is supposedly courting.

She's constantly showing up to debates late, events usually attended by several hundred primary voters from all different neighborhoods within the Congressional 6th.

By flipping the bird to her potential constituents - which includes her iphone use to cheat at a debate, something that has NEVER been done before and cheapens the discourse even further - Crowley is confirming her utter lack of understanding that people are actually paying attention to her gaffes and bad behavior.

This is because that's pretty much all she's been doing lately. It wouldn't surprise me if Crowley's been fucking up because she's been fucking around someplace else.

Doesn't surprise me at all, considering she was that crook McLaughlin's mistress. This is not someone with a high ethical - or physical attractiveness, for that matter - standard.

More importantly, just take a look at her abysmal record in the City Council: no serious legislation passed, ruining the chance to build a park at St. Saviour's, trying to rezone scads of kids from a popular school in Glendale, and the list goes on and on.

This is not someone that anyone should take seriously as a potential Congressional candidate, and she certainly doesn't deserve to be rewarded for such terrible public service.

Anonymous said...

Crowley will win. Most appealing overall of the pick by far

Anonymous said...

Actually, the dumbbell is running a distant third. Even if she gets past the primary, she'll get her ass handed to her in the general election.

Anonymous said...

Brainless twit.

Anonymous said...

is she singing "don't cry for me QUE ENS COUN TY" ?

Anonymous said...

Queens has got to have
the dumbest electorate in NYC!

Too many years
spent on the crabgrass frontier,
has rendered most voters
non compos menti!

(Did I spell that right?)

Maybe Queens College can offer
a remedial voting course.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a portion of what Ceorge Carlin said,

,"Maybe it's not the politicians that suck. maybe it's the public. "THE PUBLIC SUCKS". Now that is a nice campaign slogan for someone.