Sunday, June 10, 2012

Landmarks Law under attack

From Crains:

Charging that landmarking has grown unwieldy and is threatening economic development in the city, an unlikely alliance of real estate, labor and business groups is joining forces to change the way buildings and districts receive historic status.

The group has launched a website and is planning a barrage of direct mail, newspaper and Internet advertisements to spread its message that historic designations are being granted to unworthy properties; that property owners are being disregarded; and that the Landmarks Preservation Commission is rushing to deem entire districts "historic" without considering the impact on issues like jobs and housing.

The website features a photo of a historic building juxtaposed against one of a gas station, with the message: "The landmarks process is broken when these are both landmarks."

The coalition includes the Real Estate Board of New York, the New York Building Congress, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the Building Trade Employers' Association, the Community Housing Improvement Program, the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York and 32BJ SEIU.

Members say they don't want to do away with landmarking, rather they want to see the process reined in.

"We're landmarking away a portion of the city's economic future," said Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York. "Everyone is saying we have to build housing for additional people we're going to get by 2030, but the more we landmark, the more difficult and expensive it is going to be to create that housing."


Anonymous said...

the building is "THE DAKOTA" built and owned by Edward Clark,owner of Singer Sewing Machine Co.,10/1884.

his grand daughter is Jane Clark,Director of the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

the view is from the Central Park West side @ 72 street.

former residents : actors: Jason Robards Jr.,Judy Garland,Robert Ryan, Boris karloff...John Lennon, Joe Namath, John Madden....present Yoko Ono, Lauren Bacall.

see wikipedia for more photos and history.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is questioning The Dakota. Does anyone know anything about the garage?

Anonymous said...

Of course. That's the service station on the south side of Houston between Lafayette and Crosby, which was lumped in with the historic district over there- impeding its redevelopment.

Anonymous said...

NYC is run by
real estate Goliaths.

And who will the meek, preservationists send up against them?

Perhaps HDC should run an ad.
David or any strong-armed fearless shepherd.
We'll provide the sling and rocks...if you've got "the stones".
Sheep need not apply.
But the preservation community
is composed of bleating sheep.

Let's bury the landmarks law folks.

on earning enough money to buy a nice apartment in the Apthorp...

Anonymous said...

Maybe NYS Senator Avella can
hold a press conference concerning this.

Maybe if NYS Assemblyman Rory Lancman wins the Congressional seat he can landmark America.

Maybe the tooth fairy will up
my payments from a dime to a dollar.

Anonymous said...

Let Manhattan feel the bite!

In Queens we've had our asses chewed on by the LPC for decades!

historic presrvationist said...

I'm tired of being on the losing side
of being abused by the slothful LPC.

I think I'll lend my support
to this crusade to amend the landmark process.

The real estate groups, developers, labor unions, etc. do have a strong point here.

Anonymous said...

Just maybe
that "historic preservationist"
is right.

The LPC's enemies
can become some of our best friends.

The commission
hasn't served Queens worth a damn.

So what have we got to lose
by joining up with the big guys
to kick the LPC's ass?