Friday, June 1, 2012

Lancman promises not to take corporate donations

From Forest Hills Patch:

Assemblyman Rory Lancman, D-Hillcrest, stood in front of a Rego Park Mobil station on Tuesday to decry the influx of corporate money that has saturated campaigns across the country.

“Ordinary Americans are being fleeced and cheated out of their right to participate in our democracy on an equal basis,” Lancman said. “They are priced out of the political process by the ability of corporations to make these enormous political contributions.”

The candidate pointed to a gas station marquee behind his podium, indicating gas as expensive as $4.50 per gallon, and said he believed it was unconscionable that the country’s most profitable industry was also getting the most aggressive tax subsidies.

Lancman, when asked, pledged not to accept donations from “Big Oil,” Wall Street or other moneyed interests, adding that caveat that he didn’t believe he’d have the opportunity to reject those funds, because they likely wouldn’t be forthcoming.

“I would not accept money from the Exxon-Mobil’s of the world, I don’t know why they’d be interested in giving me money, and I certainly wouldn’t be interested in taking it,” he said.


Anonymous said...

in other words he will not take campaign donations from the BIG NYC PUBLIC UNIONS,who pay no income taxes, and the BIG PRIVATE UNIONS either ?

the corporations in the U.S. pay 35% corporate tax . The highest in the world. ie Canada corps. pay 15%.


it is reported that the nyc/nys tax on gas at the pump is above $49 cents/gallon.

Anonymous said...

Most smart US mega-corps pay 0% US Taxes. The NY Times had an expose on Apple's practices just recently. The whole system is setup to support the megacorps and not the minicorps that could one day take on the megacorp.

As a small business owner I can tell you that I pay the 30% and wish the corporate rate was lower. You're either unaware of the facts, or purposely disregarding them if you think mega-corporations do the same.

Oh and btw, Canadians pay on average 91 cents per gallon in taxes (local, state, federal) compared to 70 cents per gallon in New York.

Anonymous said...

Would you rather have Grace Meng
sell America out to the Chi-Comms?

Lancman is the only serious, qualified curb
the negativism.

Of course you can always vote for...hubba-hubba..."dizzy"
Lizzy" Crowley.

She sure can pucker up,
but she'll wind up blowing smoke up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Bastard politicians, theres not a politician on the ballot that is worth voting for. All lying, thieving, cretinous, conniving reprobates.

Lancman wont take corporate donations...... as long as he is NOT in officer. Once he is elected and you retards vote for him, hell start taking donations, bribes, kick backs, gifts and all that.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

And if he accepted donations from ExxonMobil you'd be saying?

Anonymous said...

then why is Lanceman using the Working Families Party's organization. he is full of crap.

Anonymous said...

As many negatives as Lancman has, he's still the best out there, unless you got a real hot write in.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a chace on Lancman. At least he's talking about the issues. He seems to be the most qualified and can actually put a sentence together and have an original thought -- not like Dizzy Lizzy.

Anonymous said...

did you take a "CHANCE" on HOPEY CHANGY in 2008 ?

most gamblers wind up with empty pockets .

often times one can determine a politicians philosophy by the people he comrades with. the man on his "FAR LEFT,looking at the photo, is and was a practicing "FAR LEFTIST. is he " GREEN"?

consider listening to the conservative congressional candidate ,Cm. Dan Halloran.
the nyc unemployment rate just might really decline with less business regulation and less corporate taxing.

nyc needs JOBS A.S.A.P.....taxing and wasteful spending has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

And we all know about Halloran's commitments to the business community.

Anonymous said...

Anon Nos. 1 & 9 AKA "Gramps" is at it again.

Dan Halloran practices the worst kind of "Crony Capitalism" out there: he helps his "friends" get variances and zoning changes against the wishes of the neighborhoods/communities that they are located in.

This has nothing to do with tax rates for businesses. It's all about giving away the farm to your campaign contributors and not caring one iota about your actual constituents in your district.

If Lancman says he won't take contributions from big corporations, I'll vote for him over a fake "TEA Party" Republican who threatens civic associations if they don't agree with his unethical tactics and illegal land giveaways.

Just imagine what would happen if Hollerin' Halloran gets elected! Mr. Smith he ain't, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

We don't know if Lancman has any conflicts-of-interest by working for a pricey law firm. If he promised to take a leave of absence from the law firm and disclose (to the integrity officer) the names of his law firm's clients, to make sure that he is not voting on issues that would benefit them, then I'd vote for him.

Anonymous said...

the Fox news John Stossel "OIL AND GASOLINE MYTHS SPECIAL" reported that Exxon/Mobil earns about 8 cents per gallon profit. after expenditures for implementing the E.P.A. government regulations forced on them. and cost of research and locating oil deposits that are fruitful. many are dry wells and a complete loss.

risk can make you rich, at times, if you are intelligent,persistent, and DON'T QUIT.

the alternative is SOCIALISM, where you survive on every body else's money. until the well runs dry,like GREECE and SPAIN and Cal.

Anonymous said...

P.S.Lanceman will not get donations from GM soon.GM just cut over 25% of U.S. pension fund liability from 118,000 white collar employees and sent it to a third party.

the GM retiree's represented by the UNITED AUTO WORKERS UNION are exempt ???????

would he dare take their donation? they only owe $12 billion to the taxpayers, from the bailout.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 13 and 14:

Which, of course, doesn't answer the question I asked.

Anonymous said...

Some big "A" hole out there keeps on dragging his Obama, socialist, etc. crapola rhetoric into practicaly every topic being discussed on this site.

we're talking about a very specific issue here, fella.

No generalities, please.

If you happen to be behind the
8 ball in your own life...
maybe your own lack of initiative made it so.

Don't go on (yawn) forever blaming
your personal failures on our
head of state.

Maybe you need to get off your duff and work harder to succeeed.

Isn't that what Republicans are always telling and selling us?

Anonymous said...

after a lifetime of success under the U.S. capitalist economy, my family lives a comfortable life.

My children and grand children are in future financial danger because of the progressive /socialist policies being forced on them , by so-called hi-jacked proud democrats ,who have been brainwashed for many years.

evaluate my comments and verify if they are fact ?
I have. you may be following the "Jim Jones" cool-ade pourers. and you know where "HIS FLOCK" ended up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, motivated by greed,
you put your money in the wrong investment programs.

Maybe you should phone Ex Prez Bush Jr. and see if he can help you out.

He's one of those high-fallutin'
GOP fellas that left the stable full of horse dung for the current administration to clean up.

Maybe you should move to another country if you find the USA to your disliking.

I'll bet you're really sitting on a bundle of greenbacks and just get a buzz knocking Social Security as a Communist plot.

are you collecting your SS...
no, not the Waffen SS...your Social Security retirement benefits yet?

Would you consider donating them
to American veterans if think that they are really Socialist dollars?

C'mon, be a real patriot.

You don't need that chump change living such a "comfortable" life.

Anonymous said...

your children
and grandchildren
can always move to another "non-socialist" country.

They're young yet.

It's the best age
for them to learn another
language anyway.

(as they say)
love it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

Nobody drinks Kool Aide anymore.

What proof
are you drinkin' these days?

Bottoms up grumpy.