Friday, June 8, 2012

Glendale pols apply for new zip code

From The Forum:

Glendale may soon have its own ZIP code, distinguishing it from Ridgewood and hopefully clarifying mail delivery.

The two politicians working on the project, Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Glendale) and Congressman Bob Turner (R-Queens), say it’s a practical step with the benefit of boosting Glendale as a neighborhood.

“Glendale is a unique community and should have its own ZIP code,” Turner said. “Sharing a ZIP code has created numerous, and sometimes dangerous, problems for Glendale residents such as delays in medication delivery and first responder services. Assemblyman Miller and I are asking the USPS to help remedy these issues by taking our application into consideration as soon as possible.”

On May 22, Turner delivered an application for changing the ZIP code to the USPS. Along with the application were letters from residents, businesses and civic organizations backing the idea and a petition with 1,000 signatures.

Miller said this could have an everyday impact on residents’ lives.

The assemblyman said he was recently trying to make a purchase online and when the site asked for his ZIP code, it wouldn’t allow him to pair it with Glendale.

Instead, the site insisted he lived in Ridgewood. He had to call customer support to work out the problem but ended up having to enter his address as a Ridgewood residence.


Anonymous said...

Now if they could only do the same for political boundary lines so that every neighborhood of Queens is not in 3 or 4 state or Congressional districts at the same time.

kozel said...

When we lived in Glendale we were east of Woodhaven and the zip code was 11227 before we got 11385. It affected our insurance and where we had to go for services. The unemployment office was way down by the Williamsburg Bridge.