Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Council members surprised kids don't take gym in school

From the Daily News:

City Council members Monday grilled the city’s health commissioner over Mayor Bloomberg’s planned supersized-soda ban, with one arguing that restoring cut gym classes would be a better way to combat obesity.

By the city’s estimate, about 40% of public school students are overweight or obese — part of the evidence the Bloomberg administration cites as justification in its latest push to reverse the obesity trend.

Yet as city lawmakers from two committees quizzed city Health Commissioner Thomas Farley, Brooklyn Councilman Domenic Recchia said his children don’t get required physical education in city schools.

In fact, when the city controller’s office reviewed 31 elementary schools last year, it found that none offered physical education classes required under state law.

“If obesity is so important, why is gym being cut?” Recchia asked.

Are these people serious? The City Council funds the construction of school extensions which are built on top of schoolyards and knows that gyms are subdivided into classrooms and then they wonder out loud why kids aren't exercising in school? These people are the problem, not the solution.

And check out these same council members stuffing their faces with junk food during a hearing about banning soda...


Queens Skool Kid said...

Gym class? Physical activity?

Who has any time for that?

Us kids are too busy reading from "Heather Has Two Mommies", "Daddy's Roommate", and "My Princess Boy"!

Plus with our diversity lessons instructing us on how wonderful people of color are and how BAD! white people are, who has time for physical education?

Obesity and diabetes rule!

Anonymous said...

What a shocker! Another day on Queens Crap, another racist and homphobic comment (this one from Queens Skool Kid).

It makes one wonder--is there any offensive comment that the Crapper would not publish because he thinks the commenter went too far?

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it , Council Member Recchia could use a GYM class.
He should be setting an example for the kids , he looks like a poster boy for obesity !

Anonymous said... not be intimidated by anon #2.

as bob grant always says "LET'S BE HEARD "

stay informed on GM'S progress or spin ?if the gov. sold the stock now, the taxpayer's would lose $16 billion of the $49 billion bailout.

Read: Barry Farber, ,5/23/12
B.F compares gay activists to over confident losers of WWll.

read: breitbart .com (big hollywood), "bozell: bigoted media predictably slams "FOR GREATER GLORY".

if the truth is offensive ,so be it .
maybe you #2, have problems with accepting facts?

eventhough Q.C. may delete my comment ,he attempts to do the right thing.i may not agree with him , but this is QUEENS CRAP ,THE FOUNDER.

Anonymous said...

So how is eating junk food while speaking out AGAINST the soda limit hypocritical? It would be different if these were the people pushing the soda ban, which they're not.

Queens Crapper said...

Who called them hypocrites? They're more like slobs. None of them were speaking out against the ban so far as I can tell, either. They're just pissed that they don't get a vote in it because they're missing out on a lot of lobbying money.

Queens Crapper said...

And as for the first comment, tough shit if you're offended. Maybe if schools taught reading and math and spent less time teaching what parents are supposed to, we'd have kids that weren't graduating so stupid.

Anonymous said...

the basketball court/gym/auditorium was converted to offices for P.S 998 (S.E.) @ 130.
two school programs occupy the building.

the pupils of P.S.130 use two classrooms on the second floor ,converted to a gym. C.S.D.25 told the parents, living across the street, that there was no seats available , so your child will be bused a mile away.

and that has occurred for 25 years??????? 60 seats wasted and plenty of bus money down the drain.

keep voting for the progressives in government.

Anonymous said...

Because gym spaces have been converted into classrooms as they have ignored the overcrowding issue!!!

Anonymous said...

#9 the P.S.130 case was strictly SOCIAL ENGINEERING by PROGRESSIVES . It had nothing to do with OVERCROWDING.

They forced LOCAL pupils out of the area and bused pupils from 5-10 miles away into the building.The 4th-6th graders go back to their original buildings ?

Does that make any sense to you .who makes the busing $$$$$$$ and who pays for this stupidity ? you do....

Anonymous said...

Council members are always surprised. Surprise, Surprise!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not the gym class you remember. All the political correctness makes it boring as all get out. It would make you fat, too.