Thursday, May 10, 2012

Someone's stealing garden plants in Sunnyside

From Sunnyside Post:

Terry Murphy, a resident of 47th Street, said thieves have stolen his plants on three occasions since he moved to a house between Skillman and 43rd Avenues in March.

The most recent incident occurred Sunday night when a large “Sum and Substance Hosta” was stolen from his front yard. The plant, a garden giant known for its glossy, heart-shaped leaves, averages 30 inches tall and 60 inches wide. Murphy estimated that his weighed at least 25 pounds.

“It’s a very bizarre kind of thing to steal,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Chop their hands off and use them for mulch.

Anonymous said...

Try planting Barberry or poison ivy!

Anonymous said...

In the past year, I've had plants dug up & stolen from my front garden in Flushing,
What's wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

This is Queens: neighbors steal from neighbors.

Joe said...

Tell me about !
People been doing there own work and the illegals are getting desperate.
In Ridewood some sac's of sh*t jumped over the fence in the rear yard and stole my big green 90 gallon yard wast can and magnesium rake.

The old German who lives behind me saw them run down his ally to a pickup truck on Norman St with the stuff. Sadly he lives on the top floor couldnt make out a license plate other then "it was white" (likley Carolina)

According to him the 104 cops showed up a full 1:15 minutes late and said there was no way to say a crime was actually committed.
They also called his discription "shrimpy, brown and bow legged running like cockroaches in baseball caps" "racist"


Anonymous said...

According to him the 104 cops showed up a full 1:15 minutes late and said there was no way to say a crime was actually committed.

The showed up "late?" Okay, then. Unless there is a crime in progress there is no need to rush immediately to the scene of a crime.

Auntie Invasion said...

illegal alien day laborers pick these plants up and other items they need for their landscaping business's. they are oppressed victims. and feel they deserve to take everything that's yours.

a webcam maybe to catch them doing the crime?

Joe said...

"104 PCT no need to rush immediately to the scene of a crime"
Bullshit --A motor vehicle was being used to commit a crime at the time of a call
All the cops had to do is put a bullion on the radio for a old black pickup truck with N Carolina plates carrying a huge Green can and Magnesium rake both with my name on it.
Problem is the police commissioner friend of the Mayor wants to keep crime-stat numbers down and avoids calling things crimes, taking reports at all costs. Especially when illegal aliens are involved or it s in Ridgewood or Maspeth.

BTW Did you know:
--In N Carolina and Tennessee anybody can register a car or truck, those yahoos don't check ID, give drivers licenses to anybody, insurance is optional. However registrants are required to have insurance and full licenses to drive there "disposable" shitboxes through the streets here.
There are community groups that actually school these criminals in out own library's and churches on how to do this and get other services & privileges fraudulently.
The cops have "lay off orders" not to profile, chase or arrest these criminals because the corrupt legal and jail systems cant recoup or make $$ on them.
If arrested these cockroaches claim they support 6 kids are given ROR or cheap bail. They simply assume another fake identity or flee the state and repeat the same shit before the case hearing.