Saturday, May 5, 2012

BSA variance approvals are a sure thing

From New York World:

The board that makes exceptions to New York City’s zoning code on behalf of property owners ruled in favor of 97 percent of those applications in the past year — in many cases over the objections of local community boards.

Alex Camarda, director of advocacy and public policy for the government reform group Citizens Union, told the City Council Committee on Governmental Operations during a hearing last Friday that community boards from Queens and Staten Island were the likeliest to object to proposals. They were also the likeliest to have those “no” votes disregarded by the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA).

Most frequently, property owners sought the BSA variances to expand one- or two-family homes into larger structures or add commercial spaces in residential areas.

Under the City Charter, community boards have an advisory vote on all variances, which seek to build structures that would otherwise be too large or otherwise incompatible with local zoning. Applicants for the variances must prove that zoning imposes a hardship.

In Queens, community boards recommended against nine proposed variances between May 2011 and April 2012, out of 28 applications. The Board of Standards and Appeals approved all of the variances despite the recommendation.

Staten Island community boards recommended disapproval in another nine instances, out of 23 variance requests, and like the Queens boards saw BSA vote in favor of the variances.

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Joey BSA said...

Why dont we get down to the real issue in WHY a variance is sought out to fully understand this situation. Let's say a property owner has a extremely narrow lot...follow me here..30' wide, and 150' long. In the general zoning on the 30' wide dimension, you would have to set the building back 10' back from each side, leaving you with the ability to construct a 10' wide building. Obviously no one would do that. When you file the application at your local borough dept of buildings they'll reject the plan and tell you to go take a hike. But since we're lucky enough to live in a democracy, you have the ability to seek some relief from a board that's meant to look at these applications and decide wheather an EXCEPTION has to be made because of the UNIQUENESS of theproperty.

NOW, let's get tot he Community boards. They're a body in citygovernment that have ABSOLUTELY no legal right. NONE, ZERO. They were put in place to relay messages back to the mayor so he can get a feel of where they stand. UNFORTUNENTLY they grossly underrepresent a good portion of the community. The majority of the community board demographics are older citizens. I wont get into why, all you have to do is attend a meeting and there's no question.

So to recap, the BSA is a quasi judicial board that RULES on LAW and precendence!!!!!!!!!! Not on what the community FEELS!!! I hate the fact that I have to stop at a red light, but THAT"S the law, and I have to respect that. Many people dont like the fact that they cant raise livestock in NYC but that's the law and they have to respect that. Many people dont think that alcohol should be legal considering how many lives it's ruined, but it IS LEGAL and we have to respect that. Get my point here? Understand WHAT the BSA does to fully understand this situation.

Anonymous said...

But of course mon ami...
BSA is the board of the rubber stamp.

Next developer in line please.

Queens Crapper said...

Buying a lot that's too small to build on is a self imposed hardship, not THE LAW.

Anonymous said...

Put in a mini putting green
on that lot.

Somebody sounds like a putz here,

Anonymous said...

"The B.S.A.approved all of the Queens variance proposals even though the C.P.B'S voted against them".

from the N.Y.Post , 14,5/6/12 'ABU$E ' CREW ALL GET AWAY"
Dara Ottley-Brown, who had a romantic affair with STARK, left her senior Finance Dept. post in 2006 to become a commissioner at the B.S.A. thanks to Stark's recommendation.
Ottley is still there, earning more than$151,000 a year"

The D.O.I. has released a 111 page report that also raises questions about the behavior of several of her subordinates.

Four others remain on the city payroll as if nothing has happened. One has since retired.

"Stark herself is ensconced at Baruch College, where officials say they have no intention of removing her as a $103,285 distinguished lecturer".

AND THE BEAT GOES ON SUCKERS OF NYC.....Call your Cm. you are paying for this CRAP.....

Anonymous said...

Let's have some equal justice under law.

re: .1 You left out the part that determines how and why some people can get exceptions -- and others don't.