Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avella pushing for English on store signs

From the NY Post:

All businesses in the city would be required to post signs in English, under a proposed state law aimed at merchants who erect signs in foreign languages only.

Firms that fail to comply would face fines ranging from $250 to $5,000 for repeat offenses.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens), applies only to the city and requires any firm that erects a foreign-language sign to also post a sign of equal size in English.

Avella admitted he’s touching the third rail of politics, given New York’s sensitivity to immigrants who speak hundreds of different languages. But he said it’s fair.

“I know it’s controversial. But it’s time to move forward on this. English is the most prevalent language in the country,” said Avella.

Critics have blasted English-language-requirements as a violation of free speech and discrimination against newcomers.

But Avella defended the bill as pro-safety because firefighters and other responders would be able to more speedily respond to an emergencies by knowing the type of facility they’re entering.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for doing the right thing. This is America, and immigrants need to obey its laws. Forget this "sensitivity" nonsense!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened to the same law that Koo and Halloran sponsored last year?
And why is a new law necessary, when there is a similar law that was enacted in 1933, but has never been enforced?

Anonymous said...

it's been a state law on the books since about 1906.

Am I right?

How about enforcing that old law
instead of grandstanding
by introducing a new law?

Anonymous said...

NYC is breaking the law by refusing to enforce the original old state law requiring English on all foreign signage.

And, of course, nobody is willing
to make any waves in Flushing...
particularly the Stavisky-Meng team.

What's their solution?

They printed a booklet offering simple Mandarin-English lessons.

Like we need a Fodor's or Berlitz guide to negotiate our own town?

it's a good thing I read
that I could translate the sign above that store before I entered the premises.

This establishment is a whore house not a gift shop.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Grace Meng already try this in 2010?

Maybe Tony Avella will soon announce his discovery of fire ... and the wheel. He's becoming the new Chuck Schumer.

Kevin Walsh said...

That old gag? Good luck to Tony, but these signs will never have English bigger than barely visible...

Anonymous said...

Yay Tony!

Hopefully THIS law will actually be enforced. I'm tired of living in this grimy tower of Babel.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of the commenters here, I love living in the most diverse county in the country. I have absolutely no problem with stores and restaurants posting signs in any language they choose. These signs add to the character of various neighborhoods in Queens.

I think the public safety argument is bogus. Firefighters and other responders can tell what type of business they are entering whether the sign is in English or not. The real reason behind this proposal is anti-immigrant sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Julia Harrison anyone?

Anonymous said...

is not democrat law making attempts prior to an election grand ?
you are too late Tony, many others have proposed ethnic sign laws years ago. none have been enforced properly.

the signs have GIANT MANDARIN lettering and TINY ILLEGIBLE ENGLISH lettering.

this photo op attempt is juvenile....

Anonymous said...

Nobody said that these signs have to be in English only....asshole.

They can be in any foreign language AS LONG AS
there is also an English translation appearing on them.

Capeesh, now...dumbass?

Liman said...

I want this law passed, but it would plainly be unconstitutional. It's their property, they can speak or post any language they want.

Let's pick something else that won't be shot down in the courts.

Anonymous said...

the signs have GIANT MANDARIN lettering and TINY ILLEGIBLE ENGLISH lettering.

this photo op attempt is juvenile....

"But if Halloran had done it, I would have said it was wonderful and agreed with it totally"

Anonymous said...

RU braindead?

Once again, "A" hole...
the old existing New York State law that's on the books is Constitutional.

Otherwise it would have been challenged.

To our knowledge it hasn't been yet for over one hundred years.

Enforce that old law already!

Anonymous said...


Avella pushes for anything
that keeps him in the political spotlight.

He's been
a master of this for years.

Let's tally up.

Who held the most press conferences in their careers?

Was it John Liu or Tony Avella?