Thursday, March 1, 2012

Question over FAA requirements on College Point station

From the NY Post:

City Hall and the feds are overlooking rules meant to keep airplanes safe from birds in their planning of a controversial trash facility, activists say.

Three years after a bird-struck airliner splash-landed in the Hudson River, the city has not sought the OK required by federal law to build a bird-magnet trash-transfer station on the Upper East Side, says air-safety advocate Ken Paskar.

And the feds are deliberately overlooking the Bloomberg administration’s lapse, Paskar says.

Because the project on the East River at East 91st Street is less than five miles from La Guardia Airport and two Manhattan heliports, it needs Federal Aviation Administration approval, according to Paskar’s reading of federal rules.

The rules clearly say those planning trash facilities near airports “must establish convincingly” to the FAA that they will be built and operated in a way that won’t attract birds.

But the city never sought the FAA’s approval for the site, which won’t be fully enclosed — and thus could attract birds, Paskar explained.

City and FAA officials say Paskar’s interpretation of the laws and regulations about any FAA approval is simply wrong.


Anonymous said...

Rules are for the little people.

Anonymous said...

This station is just an accident waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

I echo the first anonymous. This place is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of burning, omigod call the environmental police, our garbage, we choose to destroy the environment elsewhere. Birds are pretty smart and are going to be all over the freebies here I don't care how sealed this place is.