Thursday, March 1, 2012

Man tries to transport stolen fuel over Whitestone Bridge

From the Daily News:

A Bronx man driving a van toting more than 400 gallons of gasoline was arrested Sunday, prompting an investigation into whether he’s part of a black market petrol ring, police sources said.

Mauro Navarro, 39, was behind the wheel of a gutted white 1996 Dodge Ram van when he was stopped by Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Cops on the Whitestone Bridge.

He slowed down to go through the E-ZPass lane around 4:15 p.m. when TBTA Officer Richard Formato saw an expired 2010 inspection sticker on the window, police sources said.

TBTA Officer Giovanny Saravia then smelled a strong odor of gas wafting through the air and asked Navarro to open up the vehicle.

Tucked behind the driver's and front passenger's seats were two 55-gallon and one 300-gallon plastic drums filled with fuel, police sources said.

With a gallon of regular gas averaging $4 in the city, investigators have been vigilant against petroleum peddlers looking to cash in on soaring prices.


Anonymous said...

He was released on bail, by the way. Yeah, I'm sure he'll reappear for his court date.

Anonymous said...

That would make a pretty big ka-boom.

Anonymous said...

A Mauro Navarro? Did he climb a fence to get here - to do this work?

Anonymous said...

was he siphoning gas from the public's cars,because of the obama adm's quest to have citizen's buy electric Chevy Volts, to boost G.M.sales ?

Navarro seems to have wished to be caught.maybe he wanted free dental care and condoms in jail. but sanctuary city non/laws sure upset his apple cart.

great job...Mayor Mike...let them loose....