Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's lonely being Liu

From the Daily News:

As the federal probe into city Controller John Liu’s mayoral campaign widens, the embattled Democrat is so politically toxic that some of his bigwig union supporters are afraid to speak with him, sources said Thursday.

In recent days — as the investigation reached higher up the campaign hierarchy, ensnaring the 25-year-old treasurer for her role in an alleged fund-raising conspiracy — Liu quietly called around to labor leaders, seeking their backing of his plan to reform the city’s pension funds. But one union president said he was very nervous to be chatting with Liu — for fear the controller might be wearing a wire.

“He’s under federal investigation,” said the union president, who spoke under the condition of anonymity and speculated that Liu might be cooperating with authorities to bust others. “I know how this game works.”

The fund-raising firestorm has damaged Liu’s credibility and imperiled his plan to create a super-board to oversee the city’s five pension funds — a change the controller insists will more quickly deliver savings than Gov. Cuomo’s proposed raft of reforms for the public pension system.

“It’s totally dead,” a City Hall official said of Liu’s cost-saving push.


Anonymous said...


It's time to resign.


Anonymous said...

according to the DN article , Hou's parents said going to prison would enable her to get her Masters Degree.


or are they alerting the comrades that she is clamming up? i hope the feds. have their passports.

does she have a blue /stained dress ?

Anonymous said...

This guy has some nerve pretending to be comptroller of the biggest city in the country.
He is a PHONY and blatant LIAR!

Anonymous said...

That photo looks like a cover of MAD Magazine. Liu looks like Alfred E. Newman!

Anonymous said...

What exactly does a Comptroller do?

If he can't keep his own financial house in order how the hell is to be trusted with the financial house of our City?

Resign already until you clear this mess up. Weiner had the decensy to do what was right for the people he swore to represent , and his family, he actualy has a chance of comming back because of that decensy.

Liu , do the right thing. don't be a stereotype.

Anonymous said...

The girl's parents obviously don't understand the seriousness of the charges, and that Johnny is content to hang her out to dry. If she takes the fall, it's not going to be for 2 years of graduate study.

Anonymous said...

is the joke on American citizens ,who will pay for her education costs while in prison? will she also get a pension ,like the other$105,000 /year comptroller jailbird ?

Anonymous said...

So let's talk to Jenny when again she emerges from federal prison at age 85 in 2072 A.D.

The Feds will eventually find someone who's not going to the fall for Johnny. It's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

As they will also find someone who is not bought off ad infinitum by Bloombag's money and "charm".Liu at least was able for the time being toput the kibosh on no bid contracts let by Bloombag's cronies to fellow criminal Murdoch's shell operation, Wireless Degeneration.Juxtapose the wrath of two petulant spurned billionaires who are not used to hearing "No" with a Queens nativist population fretting over the "loss" of their beloved home borough to "those people", and a rabid for headlines news media who want to continue to distract attention from the systematic looting of the populace by the likes of their advertisers, and what've you got? BS like this!

Anonymous said...

Another Liu-Loon who wants to permit crimes because it's their friend committing the crimes and also other people commit crimes so it doesn't matter.

What a crock o crap!

The FBI does not go away on the bizarre basis that since there are other crimes committed on earth crime should be ignored.

When John Liu said that busboys and maids gave him hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars everyone with an IQ over 10 knew that there was a scam going on.

Police and Federal law enforcement authorities are charged with defending the law and are often heard repeating the long time phrase "prosecute to the FULLEST EXTENT of the law."

That does not mean ignore crime because.....
A) Your friend did it.
B) Your friend also gets you free stuff and you want free stuff.
C) Other Crimes are committed somewhere on earth so it doesn't really end all crime on the planet earth so why bother.

But by all means keep crying because..........

It's all over BUT the crying.

Anonymous said...

Notice Liu's 3 signature wrinkles on each side of his mouth as he tries to paste on a smile of bravado.

His eyes tell us an obviously much different story....FEAR!

Johnny is done...cooked...fried crispier than an egg roll!

The "Chi-tanic" is about to sink and nobody wants to be caught in the undertow!

Anonymous said...

Hou's mother is a typical "tiger mom" who is desperately trying not to "lose face" in spite of the shame that her family now bears.

What good will a master's degree do her daughter if she's locked behind bars?


what will Jenny major in...federal fraud or funny-fund-raising?

I can see it all now...she completes Taipei University's on line graduate school program and receives an "MML" degree...master of money laundering.

Anonymous said...

If he hadn't gone against Bloomberg, he probably would have gotten away with this.

Anonymous said...

#10.."..when J.L.said that maids and waiters gave him hundreds and hundreds etc,etc."

it was previously reported that the liu staff only wanted $800. from each donor, because the number "8" means LUCK AND PROSPERITY to the chinese culture.????? until the F.B.I.sting ended, he had over $1 MILLION, which it is claimed some has been returned. to who ? the maid or actual illegal donor ?

one could say that the "8" is not a lucky number anymore for the Chinese.

the remainder of the $5600 per donor,( 6 to 1),came from you,the dumbed down democrat taxpayers who vote for these nyc socialist/progressive/ comrades.

why not try a Conservative candidate for a change . at least you won't lose your liberty.

Anonymous said...

This is going to hurt Bloomberg, more than the ongoing DOE fiasco.

Anonymous said...


an Alfred E. Neuman-esque mug!

"What, me worry"?

You betcha!

Anonymous said...

His tumble from power wasn't all about going against Bloomberg.

Liu is an arrogant pup who wasn't content with a slow climb to fame.

He had to make the mayor's spot in just 3 easy steps where many others worked harder and took much longer.

He was nasty from the get-go...from the first day he entered the city council and was told to appear for orientation.

His reply to seasoned council members was, "It's not exactly rocket science".

Great way for a freshman to show contempt for his fellow senior classmates.

Enjoy the fall Johnny boy.

If his eyes weren't bigger than his stomach (or aspirations) he might have done OK in the long run.

But he was consumed by greed and (most likely) for revenge against those who viewed him as a myopic nerd.

Anonymous said...

Liu has become far too delusional
to simply resign at this point and he can't lose face.

But it's much better this way.

For the longer he remains in office, the wider and deeper the investigation goes.

In a truly Shakespearean manner,
Liu (like Macbeth) holds onto his crown until slain (or jailed).

He's just about crazy glued his ass to his seat...and his chair to the the feds surround him.

"Lay on Macduff, and damned be him that first cries, hold, enough"!

Shortly afterward, Macbeth's head lie upon the ground...struck clean from his body.

Exit, stage left.

What drama continues to unfold in our great city.

I just LOVE living here!

Anonymous said...

The "little emperor" takes a tumble!

Others will follow him.

I think it all began when
Brian Mc Laughlin was first arrested.

He ratted out, God knows who in a plea bargain deal?

Shortly afterward Alan Hevesi took the fall.

I'll bet that both of these men gave up some names and schemes in progress.

Now Liu's days are numbered.

Who will he give up to cut his jail time.

The chain of corruption is rusting through.

The Oriental pipeline of cash to pols will be capped with election fraud reform measures thanks to "Mr. Comptroller" as he likes to be called.

So, in the end, he did do NYC a very great service.

But he can fugghettabout being called "your honor"..."prisoner #2743" maybe!

All is not lost.
Have some faith brothers and sisters.

It always takes a major scandal to implement some reform.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he's on tranquilizers.

Though he's doing his best to play the role of an intrepid captain...he'll be going down with the shit!

Anonymous said...

would it not be ironic if his prison # is his lucky #8888?

Anonymous said...

Is that Liu's real face or a rubber mask?

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest scandal since Donald Manes and the PVB corruption probe.

Anonymous said...

read the Epoch Times,"Chinese media paints a different picture of John Liu campaign scandal". by Tara Mac issac,3/1/12

from this article ,do you think that the players involved are communists ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 24:

Does it matter?

Anonymous said...

does it matter ?
why can't you ask the chinese citizens who filled the tiannemen square ,protesting communism ?

because the chicom tanks ran over them and the rest are slaving in prison....

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

Anon No. 26:

I'd like to ask them. The people in Tianamen Square who were murdered by the Chinese army were heroes and martyrs in the cause of freedom. But that has nothing to do with who is now NYC Comptroller.

Liu is totally amoral and a crook. Whether or not someone supporting him is a communist is totally irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

having a nyc comptroller who is supported by the Chinese Communist killers of millions of Korean citizens on their peninsula from 1950-53 and 37,000 American military ,is not irrelevant to freedom loving people.

shame on you the epoch times article and it reports that liu is considered discriminated against by the F.B.I., in the communist controlled media.this is the CRAP your FELLOW TRAVELERS ARE FEEDING THE ASIAN COMMUNITY IN NYC.

media matters strikes out again....

Anonymous said...

Was it the New York Post that ran a great front page...."LIU-NACY"!

That about sums it up.

Liu has gone mad!

He's damaged goods now and he'll never hold power again.

Maybe the family should move back to Taiwan.

Imagine "little" Joey in kindergarten at PS 32.

"My daddy and grand daddy were both crooks".

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

1) I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be a "Comrade," Gramps. Get over your 1950s paranoia.

2) Going on about who John Liu's supporters may or may not be (and I don't care, either way) distracts from the real issue here - the actions of an amoral, corrupt politician. You're doing Liu a huge favor here.

3) Going on about "Media Matters" is a distraction as well. They haven't covered Liu at all. They have bigger (and fatter) fish to fry.