Sunday, March 4, 2012

Court forces landlord to repair fire-damaged building

From NY1:

Tenants of a Chinatown building damaged by a fire nearly two years ago have scored a victory.

A judge has ruled that the landlord of 289 Grand Street will have to pay for repairs instead of tearing the building down.

Fire ripped through the building on April 11, 2010, killing an elderly man and leaving 200 people homeless.

The landlord said repairs would be too expensive and wanted to demolish the building – but tenants filed suit to get it fixed.

A judge Friday ruled that the owner's estimates of repair costs and the value of the property were unreliable and inadequate.

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Anonymous said...

BS. The laws in this nation are going to shit. Its a shame when being a property OWNER means little when it comes to what you are allowed to do with your own bought and paid for property.

Land ownership used to be one of the most important rights in this country. Its what separated us from everyone else. Its sad we have left that behind.