Sunday, March 11, 2012

It pays to do your homework

From the Daily News:

Diana Serrano and her husband Richard got a quote on the Web to move their furniture across 63rd Dr. in Rego Park to their new apartment in late February. But then they got scammed by the movers, who charged nearly 10 times their estimate and held their furniture for ransom when they balked, Serrano said.

“They wanted us to pay before they even unloaded the furniture,” said Serrano, 48, an administrative assistant. “They had the wheels turned to pull out of the driveway until we started banging on the door and screaming at them to stop.”

Serrano called the cops and the couple demanded to see an invoice. On their invoice, they saw a slew of new charges, including boxes, packaging tape and $100 per worker for having to use an elevator, for a total of $2,100. The original quote was for about $275. Serrano said cops bargained the driver down to $1,800 and managed to get their belongings, but the police did not get involved beyond that because they said it was a civil matter.

The company, Shelli Van Lines was given an “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau in New Jersey, where it is based.


Anonymous said...

BBB is a load of crap. For the most part it's a useless organization.
However, google is your friend:

Anonymous said...

Always do your homework to avoid a mess like this. Scanners are everywhere

Anonymous said...

moving right along on cooper ave in glendale use them

i used them and they were great

on time polite workers and quote was exactly what i paid

Anonymous said...

Anyone who plans to move should inform themselves on the very helpful website,

Anonymous said...

Because a truck and 2 movers are coming from Jersey to move someone in Queens for $275? If it seems too good to be true...