Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flooding fix for Metro?

From the Forum:

Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village will be less of a water hazard thanks to a new sewer line being installed to help alleviate flooding between Cooper Avenue and 80th Street.

The Department of Environmental Protection started work Monday to install more than 400 feet of piping.

Cutting through St. John’s Cemetery, the area doesn’t need a sewer line—except when it rains, Gary Giordano, district manager of Community Board 5, said.

“When there is even moderate rain there can be anywhere from a pond to a lake on Metropolitan Avenue just west of Cooper Avenue at the entrance, exit of St. John’s Cemetery,” Giordano said.

That’s because the catch basin that filters into the ground in the area can’t keep up with the intake.

The project is starting after prodding from Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village).

In April 2010, the Councilwoman wrote a letter to the DEP requesting the department investigate the area.

When the DEP completed the study, it added the area as a capital project.

A news release from Crowley said work then started after continual follow-ups from her office.


Anonymous said...

Now get DOT to repaint all the pavement(dbl yellow lines,x-walks,safety zones;etc)markings along the entire length of Metro..................

Anonymous said...

This is all good. When it rains hard, water collects big time. When drivers passing through in a heavy rain hit the pond and spin out - a really dangerous situation!

Anonymous said...

People who drive too fast and don't think about their surroundings are the real dangerous situation. Road hazards are not the danger, it's the people who don't drive safely enough to avoid them.