Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sheridan home sold, to be restored

From the NY Times:

The show is over for a Queens house that became a goofy landmark for its forest of fake flora and over-the-top decorations that infuriated many neighbors.

The house, 93 Puritan Avenue in Forest Hills Gardens, has been sold by the longtime owners who had turned it from a stately Tudor home into the notorious House of the Plastic Flowers: a curiosity that attracted sightseers.

The buyer is a local real estate agent who is in discussions with television producers about documenting the renovation of the house into a home-makeover segment.

“It will be a huge undertaking,” she said. “All I want to do is bring it back to normal. Ms. Malek explained that she was friends with the Sheridan family for years and was able to assure Mr. Sheridan that the house would be in good hands.

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Anonymous said...

What a lying evil witch, that Gigi Malek is. She was never friends with the Sheridans. She stole the house from the Sheridans. She even lied claiming to paid $700,000 for the house when she only paid $500,000. She lied to the Sheridans saying she will live there. But she immediately try to sell the house for $2 million. She is a thief, a liar, witch with no conscience.