Sunday, November 6, 2011

Astoria getting taller crap

From the Real Deal:

Something of an oddity will rise in western Astoria this fall, when Giannola Realty breaks ground on an 11-story rental building, the New York Times reported. Up until a recent change to zoning laws designed to encourage development, the maximum building height in the neighborhood at the foot of the Robert F. Kennedy bridge was six stories.


Anonymous said...

Why the change in zoning?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference?

Astoria is already down the toilet anyway...except where Don Peter Vallone lives!

That political mafioso protects his own posh nabe at the expense of the rest of Astoria.

It all started with Pietro's daddy Charlie "the judge"!

La Famiglia di Vallone still runs rampant leaving their thuggish imprint all over NYC politics!

Anonymous said...

Astoria Saved!!


Anonymous said...

In Astoria today.

In eastern Queens tomorrow.

Crap: development and politicians.

Anonymous said...

luxury the foot of a bridge on-ramp.