Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who's in charge here?

From the Daily News:

Neighbors of an unsightly Queens house whose overgrown yard attracts mice and insects are blasting the city for not cleaning up the eyesore.

Neither the city Health nor Sanitation departments are taking charge at 65-44 79th Place in Middle Village, the angry residents allege.

They contend the weeds tower as high as 20 feet in the front and backyard, where passersby leave garbage that attracts bees, mice, raccoons and skunks.

The Health Department said it issued a fine to the homeowner after confirming the weed problem during a July 22 inspection. The agency said it didn't see mice or much garbage during that visit.

But the Health Department also said it passed along the problem to Sanitation officials since they "have equipment to handle weeds at this site."

Sanitation Department spokesman Keith Mellis, however, called it "a Health Department issue."

"We have to wait for Health to finish their investigation and ascertain if Sanitation needs to get involved," Mellis said.


Mr. Natural said...

Who is in charge:

Abesentee Developers



The rest of you, to paraphrase Mr Natural, 'don't mean shit'.

Anonymous said...

Used to be a guy,not all there; in his late 30's that lived there.Haven't seen him in a few years........

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the city fine the owner? Where I'm from,the town fines you for not maintaining your property. When I look around Queens - with all the weeds sprouting out of the sidewalks, so many front gardens untended, etc., I'm appalled at how many homeowners don't keep up their properties. They should all be fined.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the city will take care of it...