Friday, September 2, 2011

Future storms may bring much bigger problems

From the Huffington Post:

[Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with the leading forecasting service Weather Underground] and other experts warn that the city may not be as lucky next time. As the warming climate brings higher rainfall and raises the sea level, they say, ever more pressure will fall on America's aging infrastructure.

And U.S. facilities are not ready for these stronger storms. In its most recent "report card" assessing the nation's infrastructure -- everything from the resilience of the power transmission and distribution systems to the integrity of crucial water and sewer networks -- the American Society for Civil Engineers was unequivocal: These critical facilities are often woefully underfunded, aging and in some cases nearing failure.

The organization gave the nation a grade of D overall and estimated that some $2.2 trillion over five years was needed to bring that up to a B.

Well there's your stimulus package.


Anonymous said...

Funny, how the pols, the media, the community preservation groups, the greens, the waterfront folks, in short, just about anyone that means anything dutifully talks about another million people most who will be located on waterfront brownfields that will increasingly be flooded in the future.

Nussy said...

Is my waterfront penthouse going to be ready soon? I already have a yacht parked on the roof. I'm ready for the big one!!!

Anonymous said...

F#$$^#ken joke or silence.

You clowns get what you deserve - Bloomberg and the boys sure have your number people.

Anonymous said...

Nussy said...

"...I'm ready for the big one!!!"

I'll bet you are, big boy.

Anonymous said...

So that's what NY will look like in 2110.

And I bet Clair and the crowd will still be around.

Who will pry their gnarled fingers from the throat of our borough?

Anonymous said...

""...I'm ready for the big one!!!"

It may not long, and not only for storms.

Just wait till "the experts" in bed with the water contractors & mayor start withdrawing billions of gallons per day from of water the aquifers in Queens.
Those caverns are glacial limestone.
As ocean sea water enters those caverns and slabs holding the plates together are likely to collapse sinking the ground, earthquakes, sink holes, cracks.
It other parts of the country these depleted caverns are filled with oil, that's how most the oil reserves are stored

The mayor is out to destroy Queens (or at least all the pre-war small private homes that have basements foundations poured from 1920's concrete and gravel mix
If sinking (subsidense) wont destroy them brackish water leaching will.
Remember -- Whatever billionaire Bloomberg wants Bloomberg gets.

Anonymous said...

I've got 2 words for you---


Bloomturd and friends will be making plenty of money off of other peoples' suffering.