Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bloomberg was warned about CityTime

From the NY Post:

The $760 million CityTime scandal should have been no surprise to Mayor Bloomberg and his inner circle.

One of Hizzoner’s top aides was sounding alarms about the fraud-ridden payroll system more than four years ago, The Post has learned, and the response from City Hall was silence.

The warnings came from Paul Cosgrave, the mayor’s commissioner of information technology and telecommunications at the time, according to three people with direct knowledge of the discussions. And Cosgrave brought his concerns directly to Bloomberg’s senior staffers -- who are supposed to have Hizzoner’s ear.

Cosgrave “was of the mind that, frankly, they should have just shut the project down,” one source at the meetings in 2007 told The Post. “They were just spending money without a clear management process in place.”

Bloomberg’s aides responded to Cosgrave by saying, “We’ll look into it,” and never got back to him.

Cosgrave was the highest-ranking official to voice concerns about CityTime at the time, but lower-level officials had already started sounding alarms.


Anonymous said...

Those "top staffers" may have hizzoner's ear - but they will only deliver messages that reflect hizzoner's programs. We see this in every - every! City Agency.

Anonymous said...

So, how much out of his own pocket is he going to be putting towards the overage?

I always wondered why a billionaire would want to be mayor. Now i know. He gets to spend money as he sees fit without any personal risk. Its a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Write a check Mr. Mayor

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the same thing Frank Serpico went through.
"Let's go to the Mayor".