Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bloody holiday weekend

From the Daily News:

Twenty-four New Yorkers were hit by gunfire, one fatally, over 24 hours of violence this weekend, prompting Mayor Bloomberg to call the bloody stretch "unconscionable" and demand action from Washington.

The eruption of shootings from 6 a.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday left the mayor livid and the parents of three wounded children distraught and angry.

Police said the two dozen victims were shot in 14 separate incidents in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. As of last night, no arrests had been made in any of the shootings.

Bloomberg went ballistic yesterday, demanding stiffer federal gun laws.

The mayor said 24 people shot in 24 hours in the city "is just unconscionable."

"We cannot tolerate it," Bloomberg said while speaking at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn. "There are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it."

New York has the toughest gun laws in the country, but Bloomberg said the city alone cannot stop the onslaught of shootings. "We need the federal government to step up," he said.

From the NY Post:

By early Monday morning, seven more people were shot in four separate incidents in Brooklyn -- one of them fatally.

By noon, another seven people had been shot -- bringing the shocking toll to 39 people injured by gunfire since Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

just what nyc needs, Eric ( FAST & FURIOUS) Holder to the rescue.....

Joe said...

Why is the mayor "shocked"?

What else was to be expected on "West Indian Day" in sanctuary city.
(I guess the editors at the NY Post pulled that part of the story)
It turning out 1/2 the people arrested are hard core illegal alien felons and gang bangers from Trinidad, St.Croix, Jamaica and all those other oozing sores of the planet.

The mayor should be jailed, making & meating new friends for mass negligence.
Just wait till the free money and handouts stop.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg cutting the Police & Firemen over the last 8 years - who is to blame especially when all of the Police seem located in Mnahattan?

Anonymous said...

The most recent totals are 48 shot and eight dead.

And the shootings, according to out illustrious mayor Bloomberg, is the fault of the federal government. Bloomy says he wants stricter gun laws, but we all know he wants a total ban on all guns in NYC and the nation.

Perhaps the mayor should take into consideration that most of the perforated victims are uneducated dolts. One of the dead was eighteen years old and still in junior high school.

Perhaps it's time to move the parade to Fifth Avenue and get it out of the 'hood thus making it a legitimate parade instead of a drunken shoot 'em up street fair.

Anonymous said...

Its just so depressing to see all these white people acting like this. Oh wait, you mean most of them were with their families enjoying labor day in a peaceful manner? Oh, nevermind.

georgetheatheist said...

And you, dear reader, are you armed? Armed for when the human garbage and vermin come through your windows?


Your 2nd Amendment constitutional right. Confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to have other people in the nation able to buy guns and restrict new yorkers from doing so.

If one state can allow people to have guns than EVERY state should.

It's an all or nothing arguement.

I prefer EVERYONE to have guns just incase the king of England tries to stick his nose in our face.

Joe said...

Yea right ban all the guns so only the criminals, the mayor and his personal Gestapo the NYPD have them.

Thats exactly what Hitler did before he came down the streets of Germany taking away people he did not like.
If you ban all the guns apes are sure to start coming through your windows and doors.
Gun bans recently happened in Australia. Home robberies and invasions instantly jumped 300%.
Perhaps the mayor plan is to have the criminal do his dirty work and drive the middle class out.


Anonymous said...

Would Bloomy give up the rest of his term to Rudy, for the good of the City?

King Ning said...

Don't worry. After SCOTUS reaffirmed the Second Amendment, overturned D.C.'s unconstitutional gun laws and is looking at Chicago's, NYC's will be next.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

I know that you're kidding, but for the record, England hasn't had a King since 1952. They won't have one until Queen Elizabeth dies, and I'm not sure that Charles is going to poke his nose into our business if he becomes King.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's plan for accomplishing this for the gun confiscation unicorns to arrive and flash a rainbow that will make every non-police gun become a gumdrop.

georgetheatheist said...

"It's ridiculous to have other people in the nation able to buy guns and restrict new yorkers from doing so.

If one state can allow people to have guns than EVERY state should."


If one (or more) states can have homosexual marriage than the entire nation must have homosexual marriage. Logical? No?

If a citizen from a gun-carry permitting state, even a concealed gun-carrying state, brings his firearm to NYS and NYC, that should be permitted. Logical? No?

Anonymous said...

the feds can't even come up with a good budget. What makes u think they can handle gun control?

Anonymous said...

Time to shift some of those drones from Iraq to NYC

Anonymous said...

for a gun to shoot a person, another person has to load it, aim and pull the trigger.

it is not the guns fault.

most licensed gun owners do not use them to kill people. it is the criminal,who gets guns and kills their prey. regardless of gun laws.

mike b ,go back to bermuda and hide.

Deke DaSilva said...


How come there's never any trouble at:

The Annual Pulaski Day Parade (Polish)
Norwegian-American Parade (17th of May Parade)
Japan Day (Central Park)
Swedish Midsummer Festival in Battery Park
German-American Steuben Parade

And yet there is ALWAYS trouble at the West Indian Day parade?

Just an observation folks, draw your own conclusions!

Anonymous said...

In the early/mid nineties the nypd was 75% white,now about 47%. Most black cops don't want to do police work,for fear they will be labeled uncle toms,etc.The new diverse cultures haven't a clue and can barely speak english.The police dept brass are more concerned with cops parking their unmarked vehicles ans cops in traffic court than with crime.In the age of (perverted) compstat,cops fight numbers,not crime......you're on yuor own.

Hell Gate Kid said...


Don't be alarmed by the violence.

As Boss Tweed said: those are Democrats abornin.'