Monday, April 4, 2011

We're getting zapped by the Feds

From the NY Post:

With the city expected to get zapped with a 12 percent electric bill increase starting next month, Mayor Bloomberg was furious with the feds over the increase and said it's coming at the wrong time.

The Post first reported today that starting May 28, households in the five boroughs will be socked with rate increases of up to 12 percent to run appliances -- after the feds decided that power companies needed an extra $500 million a year.

That's on top of another 4 percent state-OK'd Con Ed rate hike that kicks in today.


Anonymous said...

see wikipedia: electrical power....

in 2009 , 49.5 % of the U.S. source of electrical power was generated,by fossil fuel (COAL) plants. some of these plants closed down rather than pay for the cost of government mandated pollution regulations.

and you already know who runs the U.S.government these days. need i say.

their motto is "pay baby pay". how is your windmill and solar panel doing ?

my 14 gallon tank of plus gas cost me $61.00 yesterday. i shopped for $3.85 per gallon in queens.

in the meantime our government gave $2 BILLION to Brazil to drill off-shore for oil. are they nuts,or are we by enabling them, by voting for their insanity ?

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how Bloomberg is so furious with Con Ed for increasing our rates after he's doubled our property taxes since he first took office. If we cut down on our usage, we have a little control of how much our Con Ed bill will be, but we are helpless in lowering our property taxes!

Anonymous said...

This is a game Con Ed has always played: it announces an exorbitant increase rate, and after complaints, will tell us that it is cutting the increase in half. And everyone will be grateful and will thank Con Ed for its benevolance.
This game is also played by the MTA

Anonymous said...

Drill, baby, drill

Anonymous said...

the facts about the property tax increases since Bloomberg and his n.y.c.council pawns, is that the tax has been raised 22.5 %.
lui and company voted for them. koo and halloran were not in office yet.

the electric increase can be traced to the present federal government so-called environmentalists.(obama and company)

remember in november 2012, that is your only answer unless you want to waste a call to shumer.

Anonymous said...

How rich. Bloomberg opposes the Con Ed increases because it has nothing to do with the city. It's revenue that won't be funneled to city's coffers so its easy for him to come out and oppose these hikes. Another reason for his newfound dislike of rate hikes is the loss of income that would otherwise have gone toward paying his own property tax increases (for northeast queens coop/condo owners) that will go into effect this July 1st.

Anonymous said...

Hope and Change. YES WE CAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fvck con ed! Just bought some L.E.D bulbs.Next week i'll be changeing the old T-12 fluorescent tubefixtures to the more efficient T-5.

Joe said...

Is this for all of New York or just the city ?

I have recording studio, in-ground Pool, Jacuzzi Central AC out in Southold and already getting killed on taxes.

I cant order any more high efficiency 400 watt Solar Panels from Japan this year both the Toshiba, Suntech and Nishi Shinjuku factory's are trashed

Joe said...

Yep LED bulbs are the way to go.
The new white one are good, not to cold or brown looking

I'm gonna get rid of ALL the 110AC lighting and inverters and go 12 volt straight from the solar panels storage battery's.

Problem is gonna be adding solar panels this spring due to the mess in Japan (see above) The US stock is already promised out to contractors or bloated $$ retail

Anonymous said...

"and you already know who runs the U.S.government these days. need i say."

Fool, the pollution generated by burning coal is a leading cause of disease and environmental damage.

Here, read this, it's a bit more authoritative than the moronic utterances of the tea party:

my 14 gallon tank of plus gas cost me $61.00 yesterday'

Yep, a selfish old man who only cares about his crappy car.

BTW: That 2Bn/US was a -loan-. Not that facts make a difference to an idiot.

Joe said...

I burn rice coal in Mattituck.
I close off the whole top floor and only need fifteen 50 pound bags @$9.99 for the whole winter (my cost $150).
These new stoves have air injection, fans, catalytic converters "the works" and are very efficient.
Whats left is fine white flakes
To get that same heat BTU from the oil burner it would take hours to heat up the house and I would need over 500 gallons of oil for the same 15-20 days a month (winter) Im out there.

Firing a turbine power station with oil or gas would triple electric costs.
Its the slob states with the old grandfathered commercial power plants that are the problem.

Fine them not me !

How about Obama stop giving 100's of billion of US dollars to Venezuela and Africa and use that money to offset home heating prices, update power plants and drill for oil here ?

Anonymous said...

"Joe" said: "How about Obama stop giving 100's of billion of US dollars to Venezuela and Africa"

Because of Venezuela’s oil wealth and relatively high per capita income level, the United States
has traditionally only provided small
amounts of foreign assistance to Venezuela. In recent years,
assistance has focused on counternarcotics and support for democracy programs. Table 1 below
shows U.S. assistance level to Venezuela since FY2006.

The Government doesn't give money to Venezuela///out corporation do.

If you want to know where the drain of our resources lays:

You can thank "W" for that

Anonymous said...

is not Venezuela's president for life COMMUNIST ,HUGO CHAVEZ ? who nationalized all the american corporations a few years ago, when he took power there?

Anonymous said...

Those of you who haven't read "The Long Emergency" by James Kunstler, I highly recommend it...

And expect to pay rising energy costs unless a miracle occurs (like Obama walks on non-polluting burning hot coals while powering the nation!) for the rest of your lives! Drill? Ya think geologists haven't been looking for oil over the past 80 years? Ya think there's pools of billions of barrels somewhere in or off shore of the usa that were somehow overlooked? The Jed Clampett method of finding oil is so over! And you do understand "EROEI" don't you?............ Got a candle?