Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There are 337 DOB inspectors in the entire city

From the NY Times:

The department just released its 2010 annual report. Can you discuss some of the numbers?

There are 975,000 buildings and properties in New York City and we have 1,109 employees, 337 of whom are inspectors. We performed 335,449 inspections last year; issued 136,294 construction permits and 1,517 new building permits and 67,069 violations.

What many people don’t realize is that we do about 450,000 plan reviews a year. Last year it was 457,375. That rivals some of the largest architectural firms.


Anonymous said...

and in queens ,they are shoveling sand with a pitchfork....

Anonymous said...

LTIS (laughing 'til I shit)!

And 3/4 of those inspectors are crooks.

After all, doesn't DOB really mean the department of bribe-takers?

Anonymous said...

Well no wonder there are eight known houses on my block with illegal tenants for years which have been reported and nothing has been done

Anonymous said...

That LiMandri is another empty suit.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are unreal. Inspector titles include, supervisors & assistant chiefs.
When you subtract the foreign incompetent ones, only a few exist.
There are not enough QUALIFIED field inspectors to handle all five borough complaints and construction sites.
Thats why nothing gets done.
As far as "crooks"; in this technology day and age if that were true there would be more in the papers.
Seems to me there are more cops in daily papers that are crooks.

Anonymous said...

All 337 of them don't have the brains they were born with. What a laugh.