Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The ever-expanding McMansion

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The owner of an ever-expanding Manhattan Beach McMansion has racked up more than $100,000 in violations for illegal construction over the past eight years — and now the additions are intruding on neighbors’ property.

Michael Tropp, who lives on Norfolk Street between Shore and Oriental boulevards, didn’t bother to apply for a permit nine years ago when he connected two neighboring houses to make one huge home. He has since improved the house in numerous ways — all the while racking up fines for illegal work and ticking off his neighbors.

“His house is illegal and he’s out of his mind,” said Oriental Boulevard resident Flori Kostoff of the contentious property owner. “He’s building on other people’s property.”

On top of that, he hasn’t even paid most of his fines.

Here's a list of the infractions.


ew-3 said...

OK, I'll bite -
If he owes $100K in fines, why is he still on the streets? A week at Rikers will help him find his wallet.

Anonymous said...

according to a previous commenter on this subject.A) the neighbors must be" spying" on this violator,B)it is "totalitarian" to fine this violator,

the d.o.b. fine and collection process is also a sham.

Anonymous said...

What a PIG!!!

Anonymous said...

Flick your Bic

Anonymous said...

burn his house down ,

Anonymous said...

Typical DOB incompetence and lack of effectiveness.