Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's not a rabbit!

From the Daily News:

Roger Levans of Queens got off a Delta Airlines flight from Georgetown, Guyana, on Dec. 29, and wrote on a Customs declaration that he was carrying food items, according to a criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

"Levans was asked what kind of food items he was carrying, to which he responded 'cooked rabbit,'" Homeland Security special agent Noah Abbott said in the complaint.

Levans' three suitcases were passed through an X-ray machine and the inspectors were suspicious about what they saw.

The first two bags contained an assortment of fruits and vegetables - and no rabbit, according to the complaint.

The inspectors noted that Levans appeared "nervous and anxious" when they peeked inside the third suitcase.

Again, no rabbit - but there were three brick-shaped packages wrapped in brown masking tape. A Customs and Border Protection agent poked them, revealing three kilos of cocaine.

Levans, who was released on $100,000 bail, stated in an affidavit that he works for Guardsmark Security as a guard at Yankee Stadium.


Anonymous said...

how did he get bail when he is a flight risk and caught red handed???

Anonymous said...

The war on drugs..... how long has it been already? 30 years? Hows that working out?

ANY person, in ANY street, in ANY town can get ANY drug they like.

Look at neighborhoods like South Jamaica, Far Rockaway, Corona, Flushing, LeFrak City and almost any neighborhood that a subway/train runs through and tell me how the war on drugs has helped these neighborhoods.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Did the suspect say that the rabbit's name was Harvey by any chance?

Velvethead said...

Let's make believe it's 1986 and he's guard at Shea.
Now that's a story!

Anonymous said...

he'll never be seen again.