Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet the DOB's investigator

From DNA Info:

Undercover investigations and online stings are tactics typically used by police and prosecutors, not building inspectors. But there's a new sheriff in town at the city's Department of Buildings — and he comes armed with three decades of law enforcement experience.

Eugene Corcoran, a former United States Marshal and 20-year veteran of the New York State Police took office in May as the buildings department's Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement — a first for the department, which has been plagued by corruption and a string of fraud-linked tragedies, including the Deutsche Bank building fire in 2007 and two deadly crane collapses in 2008.

Since his appointment, Corcoran has been taking the lessons he learned tracking down serial killers and reconstructing plane crashes and using them to crack down on absentee building owners and contractors who don't play by the rules.

"If there's an owner or a landlord or a licensed professional who is violating his oath of office… we'll be looking to hold them accountable," Corcoran said in a soft-spoken but steely tone as he sat in his office overlooking the Lower Manhattan skyline on a recent morning.

He did a great job cracking down on Tommy Huang, didn't he?


Anonymous said...

He better get cracking, he has a ten-year backlog already.

Anonymous said...

He only goes for the small American fish and uses nets. Anything that requires real fishing like lobbyist backed, or big political donors and foreign types he leaves alone. He's got to keep the cost of prosecutions low and the volumes up to keep Mike happy.

Anonymous said...

Another Tommy Huang disaster:


Wall Collapse at Queens Construction Site Kills One Worker and Injures Three

Anonymous said...

Huang has bought his protection from top to bottom...so he probably owns Corcoran as well.

Oh Eugene will probably give him a slap on the wrist for his latest law breaking episode.

"Naughty boy Mr. Huang", and that'll be it.

Tommy's most likely hooked up with an international gang of conspirators who are out to place themselves in key positions in the USA (their home base being...Taiwan).

His cousin John Liu now runs the city's finances.

And his Washington D.C. connection is no less than the "esteemed" sleazeball...Gary Ackerman!

Anonymous said...

The Times article doesn't give a location.

Wonderful reporting we have here.