Thursday, January 6, 2011

LPC to the rescue!

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The city set aside its own landmarking rules on Tuesday to speed up historic preservation of a glorious — though dilapidated — Brooklyn Heights building.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission moved ahead with the unusual effort to landmark 186 Remsen St. — rather than include it in an already-proposed Skyscraper District — out of concern that the owner of the building would demolish or alter it before the historic district could be finalized.

The now-vacant building was originally included within the proposed 20-building landmark district that may soon surround Borough Hall and “preserve the aesthetic” of the area. But commissioners got worried that the owner would get permits to alter the building sooner rather than later.

The building, a six-story office tower near Court Street that dates to the late 1800s, already had its top one-and-a-half floors removed years ago.

Brooklyn Heights? But of course LPC will bend over backward for it. Now, if this were in Queens... oh well, you already know the litany of excuses.


Anonymous said...

The fear is legitimate. A similar building adjoining this one was torn down to make room for St. Francis College's ugly library.

Anonymous said...

Well if we are happy with Queensmarks, and make no effort to fight for equal treatment even to the point at threatening to overturn the Landmarks Law because it is not being applied equitably and fairly, then we deserve to get the short end of the stick.

Afterall, our stupidity means that the other boros gets our share.

But be rest assured people. We are polite.

Polite doormats.