Saturday, January 1, 2011

Going out with a bang?


Residents on 164th Street almost ended the old year with a bang -- resulting from a possibly horrific explosion!

It looks like Mayor Mike's city contractors broke a gas main during the installation of new (long awaited) sewer lines today on 164th Street between Crocheron and 35th Avenues!

After the FDNY trucks--which filled the streets--left, Con Ed was "on it" (as their slogan attests to).

Too bad that the mayor hasn't been on it for years when it comes to caring what happens in the outer boroughs.

Hope you enjoy warming your buns in your Bermuda compound, your honor!

reporting from Queens.


wayne barret said...

that's some crack reporting, jer

Alan said...

QC original reporting at its finest. Happy New Year, Jerry.

georgetheatheist said...

Jerry, don't make a nooseance of yourself.

Anonymous said...

anyone know who the contractor was? we're not too far from that and the sewer replacement contractor broke the gas line twice in two days. and now we have a sinking street...perhaps they damaged the water main?

Anonymous said...

Jerry, don't make a nooseance of yourself.

Very funny. Where do YOU hang?

a resident said...

I believe it was "Delaney"...who I think is located in Flushing.

Jerry Rotondi said...

After the tornado, I don't think there are too many good "hanging trees" left on 164th Street to throw a noose over.

But now that the street is opened up, can anyone please suggest some ineffective or crooked politicians we might shove into the trench?

That was all in jest--my good friends.